#ZERO – A Star Studded Vacuum. PK Verdict: ZERO Super TIn

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Release Date:
December 21, 2018
Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Shah Rukh Khan
PK Verdict
Anand Rai who gave us film after film to cherish with great music, great stories, great humor, great dialogues packaged well with great tight scripts with small town characters that one would relate to brings us Zero that has none of these other than Stars making
Zero, a star-studded vacuum. 
Zero suffers majorly because of the poor writing; that makes you yawn until you dive into deep sleep. The charisma of SRK works; he is brilliant in his act in the first half and adorable as a dwarf. It is the graph of his character that is so weak that it doesn’t scale to any height without striking any emotion with its audience. 
Himanshu Sharma the writer who has written Anand Rai’s earlier films Raanjhana, Tanu wed Manu series fails to impress with Zero’s writing. Bauua Singh is metric passed; doesn’t really know what his Dad does (Wastage of Tigmanshu Dhulia) neither you would know what SRK does other than lusting on Katrina Kaif or wooing Anushka Sharma. His wooing acts do light up the screen for a while, but there is hardly has any scope. His lusting towards Katrina Kaif only gets him to the spot boy role getting close too close to Katrina Kaif only to be thrown out.  
From nowhere, you would see SRK in a star-studded night reciting a countdown making the stars fall at the count of zero has no significance in the film. Cameos of Late Sridevi, Deepika, Alia, Juhi, Karishma Kapoor to see the stars falling is as lethargic as you would get watching this on screen. Farah Khan’s film Om Shanti Om had multiple star-studded cameos was well justified and fun to watch them all grooving. Here they gather to watch “The Infamous- Bauua Singh” who isn’t known for making the stars fall or anything for that matter but born with a Golden Spoon to shower notes be it in India or America. 
From nowhere, you would see SRK whose profession is not defined can tailgate into the NASA‘s conference held in the United States without any security and then the same stage becomes their personal family affair introducing their Baby. From nowhere, you would see SRK becoming a father to a baby girl who Anushka Sharma rejects saying “Bhaad main jaaye” and you scratch your hair. 
Aanand Rai’s all-time muse Mohd Zeeshan Ayub who being a good actor becomes intolerable in Zero speaks a lot about film’s writing. R Madhavan and Abhay Doel his other muses are only caricatured further. R Madhavan can look good wonder why his look is taken so much for granted that he is hardly groomed. 
Film’s music is also equally bad with no song creating any waves in your heart in a SRK film is a big let-down. Film’s Title has no sense, the posters are misleading for many who concluded film to be an entangled triangle love story with Katrina Kaif & SRK poster. Zero is a love story of Anushka Sharma and SRK with sci-fi element that doesn’t really connect with your Wi-Fi. A love story with ZERO emotion cannot run for long. Katrina Kaif just has an enlarged cameo in the film. Anushka Sharma’s performance has no graph and comes flat. Katrina Kaif is great in her limited screen presence. 
SRK Shines but gets to the Mars at 30,000KM/Hour if I heard that right leaving us at zero speed in this 2 hours 40-minute film.   
No amount of stardom saves the film with Zero Logic, Zero Entertainment, Zero Music, Zero Emotion and a Big Zero in its Writing. Indeed, zero comes a full-circle of being a big let-down from Aanand Rai.
PK Verdict: Zero – Super Tin
PK Verdict

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