#SIMMBA – Simmba is a swag you MUST Witness. PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5*s

Simmba Movie review watch trailer of #SIMMBA – Simmba is a swag you MUST Witness. PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5*s Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
December 28, 2018
Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood
Action , Comedy
PK Verdict
Rohit Shetty brings a cinema that celebrates Masala Cinema. Whistles!! Hoots!! Claps!! Theater thunders with all of these giving you a wow factor. Ranveer Singh is unbeatable the performance along with his charisma makes this pot-boiler a Must Watch. Rohit Shetty brings the Manmohan Shetty Style of Cinema alive for the millennial generation. The film has it all from action to Heroic dance, dialogues to one liners, high octane emotion to ultimate melo-drama, comedy to strategy and above all performances. Sonu Sood & Ashutosh Rana add a lot to the plot with their power pack performances. 
Ranveer Singh continues to ride high in the fading Khan phase. 
The film begins with the young boy with the aim to make it high and he chooses “POLICE” as a career to make it big under the table. The backdrop vocals of “POOLICE” and a tattoo “POLICE” in Hindi font on Ranveer’s hand speaks a lot about his swag making you Sway The “SIMMBA” way. Soon He is out and loud and roars with a high-octane energy be it anything. 
The one liners “Tell me something I don’t know” with a Marathi touch tickles you each time and brings a smile and many more that will make you clap; even in one of the emotional climax scene where Ranveer Singh tries to equal Sonu Sood and gives the short-coming of not having a brother brings a lot of claps. Amar Mohile’s background score helps a lot to keep the film elevated and stay on high energy; keeping the interest high. 
The other Mohile “Ashutosh Rana” who plays the head constable is one of the best performances coming from Ashutosh Rana in the recent times. The palpable camaraderie between the two has some great moments and brings out the best out of the two. 
The other song they redo from the film “Bombay” is a treat to watch when Ranveer gets high sharing a drink. The film has some such great moments; including Ranveer Singh vouching and calling himself an Art; truly that he is. 
Sara Ali Khan has proved her mettle in Kedarnath. Simmba though doesn’t give her much opportunity to ride but in her limited screen presence she shines and sparkles the screen with her sheer presence. Her scenes with Ranveer Singh are entertaining and together they do bring the house down.  
The trailer gave it all about the plot, but the film gives you more in terms of the way the content is packaged. Though the film doesn’t offer anything new; yet the way it is packaged and served is interesting. Singham joining Simmba towards the end brings the wow factor. Ajay Devgn looks fab in the uniform and adds up lot of thump making the audience jump out of their seat. Hence, Simmba becomes celebration of Masala Cinema. Watch it to witness this thump. He rides high with Simmba giving 2018 a great start playing Khilji in Padmavat stealing the show and now a great end with Simmba stealing the limelight yet again. The key factor lies in entertainment and Ranveer Singh is 440volt Entertainment. 
Rohit Shetty brings the blast from the past adding the Golmaal Cast in the Arshad Warsi song and ends the film on the futuristic note announcing his next bringing the next cop “Veer Sooryavanshi” with Akshay Kumar playing the lead giving a sneak-peek of Sooryavanshi as a take away before the end credits roll. 
SIMMBA is a swag you MUST Witness.
PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5*s
PK Verdict

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