Amar Singh Chamkila – Forever Illuminating Spark!!!

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Release Date:
April 12, 2024
Diljit Dosanjh, Parineeti Chopra, Anjum Batra, Anurag Arora, Apinderdeep Singh, Nisha Bano, Rahul Mittra, Vipin Katyal
Biopic , Drama , Entertainment , Musical , True Incidents
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Amar Singh Chamkila – Forever Illuminating Spark!!!

The film indeed is a great tribute and no one else could have done this justice to the Legendary Chamkila than anyone else other than Imtiaz Ali. The Director, a rare gem in his art brings Chamkila alive with his craft. Diljit Dosanjh gets into the skin of character at such ease bringing the Legend alive, that you forget it is Diljit Dosanjh on big screen.

Yes, I was the lucky few to witness the magic on Big Screen and I hope this was a Big Screen Release as definitely it’s a film for a richer experience and just one watch on Big Screen isn’t going to satiate the quest for Chamkila, Imtiaz Ali films have those repeat values that none of the other directors have in the recent times. This one is not just watch once and forget.

The legends come together to create the Magic the Film “Amar Singh Chamkila” is, Music by AR Rahman, lyrics by Irshad Kamil, vocals by Mohit Chauhan this is a dream team that gets together rare and then this being directed by Imtiaz Ali is a cherry on the cake. The way he encapsulates the biopic that could have gone dark, Imtiaz Ali brings  “Chamkila” with the forever illuminating spark making us relive and celebrate his art at its best.

The film opens with the mystery that stands unresolved and then it gets twirled going back and forth to the present, the narrative that speaks who probably could be the potential suspect but never corners anyone or takes us into that direction. That’s the sensibility of the Director, he doesn’t take us in that direction, but in the direction Chamkila was made for, to celebrate the music. Imtiaz Ali makes us celebrate this journey like never before, the transition is so smooth from the past to the present, editing so crisp and presentation so stylish and yet retro, taking us to the era shooting the film at live and real locations, the parallels he brings in with the original footage at regular intervals, not letting us forget that this is something happened to the real people is commendable.

Parineeti Chopra brings her best to the table and as AmarJot this is her best so far, she sings, she acts, she performs and compliments her character Chamkila to the best, adding up soul to the narrative. She is impressive and the makers get the cast pitch perfect. Not just with her but even to the world that Chamkila interacts with. Diljit’s Camaraderie with the Anjum Batra who plays his pal helping to take his journey ahead is commendable in his performance. Apinderdeep Singh, Nisha Bano, Rahul Mittra, Vipin Katyal they all together have created the world that is in sync and doesn’t  let you lose a grip on the screenplay. The film is extensive research and well written by Imtiaz Ali and his brother Sajid Ali.

The music too plays a central character in Amar Singh Chamkila, but despite the marathon of songs nothing comes as overwhelming, it only comes as a joy to see how the film is executed and music is created. Happy to see the lyrics/hindi translations popping up to make the music land with style and panache. Diljit and Parineeti have sung a total of 15 songs for the film, apart from the few originals from the film that comes by Mohit Chauhan, Arijit Singh, Kailash Kher, Jonita Gandhi, Alka Yagnik at his best. The film is at its musical best. A complete immersive experience.

Amar Singh Chamkila is “AMAR” immortal with his music and his spark continues to illuminate the path of many artists including the makers of Chamkila.

PK Verdict: Platinum ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

PK Verdict

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