#Crew –  Phew!!!

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Release Date:
March 29, 2024
Tabu, Kareena Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Diljit Dosanjh, Kapil Sharma.
Comedy , Entertainment
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#Crew –  Phew!!!

The captain aka Director Rajesh Krishnan gives us an experience in the second half leading to a Phew!!! The Crew succeeds to give us some Heart-thumping comic scenes leaving us with a Phew!!! – a comic high. Especially towards the climax, second half wins, though most of the part is deprived of logic, but then if you must get your funny bones tickled you must forget to scratch brains for logic and enjoy the New Tridev Trio ringing in the great charisma with their presence, performance, and panache.

The trio is stellar, and they hold the film well. Tabu has got some great one liner’s– linking road being the best and another one reminding Kareena Kapoor her age. The banter the trio brings in is quirky with their pun-intending landing on terminal etc etc. Kareena Kapoor is brilliant and happy to see her let lose in the comedy again after Good Newz, her screen presence is amazing and there is a glimpse of the lost Geet you get to see, and we aren’t complaining. Kriti Sanon is comfortable with both her seniors and is comfortable in the skin of her character. She brings the great chemistry with all of them and in a little screen time with Diljit Dosanjh, the duo shines to ring in the oomph factor.

The film primarily set in Mumbai, so much so that even to drop the ashes of the dead, you will see the Bandra worli-sea link backdrop, works good in the comedy. They also bring-in the parallels with Vijay Mallya with their main antagonist, a fake Dubai city and Ferrero rochers you would crave for. They waste lot of time and effort in the first half, giving us the background of each character from their childhood chasing dreams to their present reality, writing and editing could have been crisp, and humor would have been more focused. Even at two hours and few minutes over, the film looks long. However, the second half is fast, pacy and gets Choli ke Peeche song plays itself a great background character adding to the background score, giving you a heart thumping experience.

The closure is great, and they connect the dots well, the film plot though far from belief but then it’s a comedy and girls are having some good fun passing on to the audience. The trio connect well and tickles you off the seat at times. Kapil Sharma has a limited screen presence, but his presence itself demands more comedy, he doesn’t leave you with any impression as makers have wasted an opportunity to make us laugh through him. Even a crisp comedy would have worked wonders for the film, his presence as a supporting husband is believable and pairs well with Tabu and that’s about it. Diljit’s character is well written, it has the right ethos as a custom officer, bringing in the sense of responsibility w.r.t to his work makes you look up to him to the character he plays. His chemistry with kriti is great and works good for the film. The film has a few songs of its own, yet what stays with you is Ila Arun’s Ghagro jo Ghmyo and Choli ke peeche is soul of the film and plays a key character to bring the Phew!!!

With little turbulent first half the Crew succeed to win hearts, keeping you entertained. Not to be missed for the lead Crew, crew has.

PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s

PK Verdict
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