#Kedarnath – Bollywood’s must Pilgrimage.

Kedarnath Movie Review by PK verdicts watch trailer of #Kedarnath – Bollywood’s must Pilgrimage. Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
December 7, 2018
Sushant Singh Rajput, Sara Ali Khan
Adventure , Drama , Romance
PK Verdict

Abhishek Kapoor brings in the love story that evolves with the growing screen time; it grows to the magnum and leaves you spellbound. The Director brings out the best chemistry between the two a love story should offer; the film grows until the natural calamity takes it over and it leaves you awestruck leaving you still.

Sushant Singh Rajput as Pithoo delivers a heart-warming performance. Sara Ali Khan offers great screen presence with confidence apar and is brilliant in the skin of her character Nukku; for her first film she is extraordinarily amazing. To deliver this kind of performance it is just not her surname; hard work reflects.

A Hindu girl and a Muslim boy in the picturesque location with engaging performances and support cast along with some great background score and music, raises the bar of curiosity towards the climax you wait for. Mansoor and Nukku deliver; they make you believe their world exists with the real location and real-life tragedy.
Love does have this strength of bringing the mountains down; their love rubbed wrong does bring the mountains down.

Film’s writing is crisp and so is the cast. Nitish Bhardwaj and Nishant Dahiya are brilliant in their act and they together elevate the film well.

Please mind the film is not a real love story; it is a work of fiction based on the background of the tragedy with the magnitude and one should not expect to see the documentary. The tragedy has low screen presence but maximum impact; well packaged and executed well. It has some great VFX effects which big ticket films in the recent past have failed to offer. The impact of the tragedy is believable and that’s where the success factor of the film lies in  striking the chord with its audience.

Director is indeed the captain of the Ship.
Kedarnath belongs to Abhishek Kapoor and now to us.

PK Verdict: Gold****

PK Verdict

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