#VikramVedha – Classy & Massy at its best. PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s

watch trailer of #VikramVedha – Classy & Massy at its best. PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
September 30, 2022
Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte, Rohit Saraf, Yogita Bihani, Sharib Hashmi and Satyadeep Misra
Action , Crime , Entertainment
PK Verdict

The Director Duo Gayatri-Pushkar bring the stellar Duo Actors giving Bollywood the much-needed continued mileage at the Box Office. Hrithik-Saif starrer has it all to entertain the audiences. It keeps one hooked to the narrative that is engaging, riveting and above all leaving you at the multiple cliffhangers letting you decide the answer to the question of morality, thus engaging you 100%, making you part of the narrative. 

Vikram Vedha is a remake well-made. The justice with the remake is probably because of the same directors, not changing the true essence of the film. An interesting take on the conflict of moralities, thus drawing a thin line between the good and the evil. The devil lies in the details and so does the film. The detailed take on the perspective of each character makes them Hero in their respective journeys, in spite of having many villains, none appear to be evil, likewise in spite of having many Heroes, none appear to be heroic. Vedha is celebrated on screen like never before. Hrithik Roshan is in his best form, he gets into the skin of the character with an ace and bringing a good menace, displaying the right vulnerability asking the right questions, bringing the magic of sheer writing alive on screen. Makers don’t shy away going out and loud with the song alcoholia, nicely placed in the film making the dancing talent shine optimally of the dancer Hrithik is.

Saif Ali Khan impresses with his quite composed performance as Vikram, the Man who follows his higher self, doing the right thing. Radhika Apte too brings a certain poise, a candle that burns at both the ends. With the limited role, she shines through in the Man’s world Vikram Vedha is. Thankfully, makers don’t bring a love interest for Vedha. Nevertheless, there is a good camaraderie amongst the brothers, Rohit Saraf as Shatak is interesting, he has a love interest that is crisp and helps take the story forward. Indeed, it forms the crux to the story to why Vedha does what he does.  Sharib Hashmi has got a meatier role and as always, he never lets his audience down. He performs at ease with the leads adding more to the plot. Satyadeep Misra too as a supporting role is well-cast. 

The makers get the casting picture perfect. So is the music, the background score is invigorating derived from the original and otherwise also. It only elevates the watching experience on big screen. Plus, the old Hindi Bollywood music during the two action sequences add lot of fun and exhilarates you to the core. Lucknow as a location is so beautifully integrated that some of the scenes stand-out because of the place Lucknow is. 

The spine of the film remains human emotions that drives one to cross the thin line between the good and the bad and beyond. When these two comes close the line is almost blurred, blurred by the emotions one is driven by and then what is sought after. Vikram seeks his conscience while Vedha does his, leaving the audience to discern. The engagement of perspectives comes brilliantly that is the magic of the writing and the Director Duo Gayatri and Pushkar bring in with their execution, making Vikram Vedha a must watch. 

PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s

PK Verdict

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