#Chup – Complete Immersive Experience. PK Verdict: GOLD****

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Release Date:
September 23, 2022
Sunny Deol, Dulquer Salmaan, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Pooja Bhatt
Physcological Thriller
PK Verdict

R Balki brings us a story that is immersive; though dark yet irresistible. 

Chup is a psychological thriller that gets inside our head and stays there craving for a second watch. Not because it is mind-bending but because it’s poetic to see each frame growing beautifully to its noir best. With the classic background score along with black and white frames, the film echoes the passion of the Director R Balki is. Giving us “Kaagaz ke phool” rewind that never wither away. 

Dulquer Salman is in his best form, mastering the genres at his best, comedy, romance and now a psychological thriller. The traits his character displays, the nuances he brings in, will immediately make one fall in love with him. He is in skin of the character, giving a stellar performance in the serial killer mystery who doesn’t play who done it? but why. The magic lies behind the why and that’s where we go “chup” not giving you more on it.

Coming along as a guy next door selling flowers, with highly intriguing personality falls in love at first sight with beautiful Shreya Dhanwanthary who plays Nila. Her chemistry here and the growth of the character is well presented. She is just not the love factor singing along, she brings in the right adrenaline rush with her first film review. We all know by now, Chup is a story of a serial killer who is killing film critics brutally. The novel story idea here is winner and top of it, its execution. And since the roast is on us, it’s all the more fun. Films are indeed personal. 

It is pleasure to see Sunny Doel back in the form, bringing in the right weight with his rock-solid personality bringing the house down in couple of his scenes. His role reminds one of his films “Darr”. It has those elements where his character seems to be crossing path with Sunil from Darr. He never disappoints and brings in the right investigative elements giving Chup a good closure. It is good to see Pooja Bhatt on screen, lot of credit goes to the casting director to ring in the right cast. She is here to understand the psychology of the killer, helping to nail down the “Why”?

 The film takes a cinematic liberty towards the climax but nevertheless Chup is a noise breaker to many who feel Bollywood is over. Looking at R Balki’s filmography we never thought he would bring us a story of a serial killer, a psychological thriller layered with Indian Classic and make a slow burner a pure entertainer and he does it so effortlessly. Be it the background score, or Chups Original Soundtrack, Chup is a complete immersive experience. Along with its beautiful cinematography Chup is a visual delight. 

Chup Revenge of the artist is indeed a Tribute to the great Artist Guru Dutt is. Yes is, coz his work still continues to stir our hearts. Legends for a reason. If you’re a Bollywood muse who gets freaked out by too much quiet, this is the flick for you. Bollywood is here to make some noise. 

PK Verdict: Gold****

PK Verdict

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