#ToyBoy – Brilliant Coy!!!

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Release Date:
March 31, 2020
Jesús Mosquera, Cristina Castaño, María Pedraza, Adelfa Calvo José de la Torre, Carlo Costanzia, José Manuel Seda, Álex Gadea Pedro Casablanc,
Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller
PK Verdict

#ToyBoy – Brilliant Coy!!!

ToyBoy is a Spanish Series on Netflix that keeps you hooked with a thrill from start to end. Though you may be able to guess the suspense towards the second last episode at ease. It is still the series one should not miss with a 90% match. At the time of Lockdown, ToyBoy is kind of venturing out of the zone of repetitive Hindi Series, this one is kind of your ticket to beautiful city Marbella in Spain. Plus the thrill, the adventure it gives you is commendable. Inferno awaits you, do not miss.


Hugo, Ivan, Triana, Jairo, Macarena, Zapata  and Benigna are the characters who make this Toy Boy worth a venture.

The series is 13 Episode long but at the time of lockdown who is looking at the clock till the time it promises to entertain.

ToyBoy succeeds to entertain and is worth your time. Sitting at home you would feel as if you have just returned from Spain after watching it. the locales and the plot are so mesmerising.

PK Verdict: Gold Plus 4.5*s

PK Verdict

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