THEATRE PLAY – CHUHAL– Saral Behtareen Manoranjan

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Release Date:
December 23, 2016
Play , Theatre Act
PK Verdict

Chuhal is yet another play conceived, written and directed by the stellar Manav Kaul coming from the house of aRanya productions. Cherry on the cake is Manav Kaul acting too in it along with Sugandha Garg with whom he falls into series of Chuhal tickling your funny bones.  Their conversations engage you to the core; that’s the key element of this play. Chuhal itself means playful conversation meant for light laughs pepped up wit and humor.

Chuhal though a light comedy stirs quite a few valid questions on the context of marriage, defining one could be happy in it’s own pace too. But does that really work? No Chuhal doesn’t gives you any solution or answers as such, but it stirs quite a few perceptions. These perceptions are brilliant and may vary the interpretation from person to person; what holds you is their conversation, their presentation.

So far we have always seen Manav Kaul in composed characters on screen, this is the first time he was witnessed in a character that had a lighter side. Seeing him performing live in a comic avatar, he comes with the right charm and succeeds to bring in quite a few smiles right from your heart with his sheer performance.

Sugandha Garg is equally brilliant who weaves Manav beautifully into her threads of conversation with perfect intuitiveness holding your attention tight on the play. Rest of the supporting cast is put brilliantly too adding the right nuances to their Chuhal.

Little unsure on the next schedule of Chuhal play being played in Mumbai. However, stay tuned at our FB Page at the link below. We shall keep you posted.

It is a play indeed not to be missed.

PK Verdict: Platinum*****

PK Verdict

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