Ilhaam – Enlightening Enriching Ecstatic

Ilhaam – Enlightening Enriching Ecstatic watch trailer of Ilhaam – Enlightening Enriching Ecstatic Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
December 20, 2016
Play , Theatre Act
PK Verdict

Ilhaam is a play coming from Aranya Productions written and directed by Manav Kaul.

Ilhaam means enlightenment. The play is truly enlightening in the terms of the questions one’s soul raises and what it looses or tends to lose in the process of finding answers to the questions that reason your thoughts. What is it that should keep you going if you keep on losing the reason of your existence, the quest to know it all how does it help, does it really helps? Ilhaam not necessarily answers all of these but it evidently gives you a perspective to think through, it enlightens your thought processing to see what is important and what is not. It does elevate your thought processing towards salvation and brings you back to the realistic world conveying truth is also nothing but an illusion.

The beauty of the play is its language. The command over the language is brilliant and is well written. It is indeed a mesmerizing poetry that calls for a repetitive watch.

Kumud Mishra leaves you spellbound with his performance and so does the rest of the cast as well. Bringing something live of this level is highly commendable.

Though this is something you have to watch it Live as it is a play playing at Prithvi Theatre. For detailed schedule you can visit prithvi theatre website or check more information on BookmyShow.

For now, you can enlighten yourself with the synopsis of Ilhaam coming right from the writer director Manav Kaul.

I’m kind of taken by surprise the show is 10 years old and I feel too amateur too small to give a verdict to the level of work Ilhaam is. I can only bow my head down for an opportunity to witness this Enlightening Enriching Ecstatic Experience.

If at all you are in Mumbai. Do plan a show for yourself this evening. Playing at Prithvi Theatre at 7PM & 9PM.

PK Verdict

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