Can I help you – May be –May be Not!!!

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Release Date:
May 7, 2017
Play , Theatre Act
PK Verdict

Here comes a play from quite a youthful team. A play written and directed by Abhishek Pattnaik “Can I help you” doesn’t really helps you keep entertained throughout yet it keeps you engaged in its two parts that the play is divided into dragging actually over a bit that could have been simply crisp and probably would have turned a quick slapstick than a slapstick between the breaks.

Anant Mahadevan who plays the central character has the ability to hold your attention while he talks, commands, little does he know “one problem at a time” sounds more like a tragedy than a comedy. It is the writing that seems to be too old. Anant Mahadevan has a long long name like in the south however, he is referred to as DON for what – for selling 1000 Insurance policies in a year. I wonder any of the Don 1 2 or may be upcoming 3, Don’s have sold insurance policies. Doesn’t really strike a chord with the audience. The only mission for him for now seems to sell the ancestral house in Darjeeling that was suppose to be near to the Sunset point that eventually has turned out to be a suicide point with the frequency of people coming and jumping out of the cliff.

One such boy is Darsheel Safary playing Rikab, from Taare Zameen Par onwards this kid is a favourite and has grown up now. Seeing him in the live play is quite delightful but again the writing is weak indeed for you to connect to him for long. Slip Disc seems to be the issues, the backbone of the story is indeed slipped from the core and there are too many layers to the story than just one problem at a time. The potential buyer of the house Mr. Ghosh played by Joy Sengupta is some relief to this tragedy that claims to be a comedy. He is indeed the one that peps up a frail show with some slices of laughter. There is a daughter who is as irritating as the play turns out to be likewise there is a caretaker who doesn’t really offer any help to the “Can I help you” Play.

This review can of course help you decide if you would like to keep on your watch list or not.

PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s

PK Verdict

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