The secrets we Keep – Intriguing!!! PK Verdict: Silver***

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Release Date:
December 18, 2020
Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Chris Messina
Crime , Thriller
PK Verdict

The secrets we Keep – Intriguing!!!

The Secrets we keep is quite intriguing right from the mysterious whistle at the beginning of the film. A lady along with her son are enjoying the moments of life together in a garden. The bubble bursts when she hears a whistle and finds herself back in time, leading her to chase this man.


The lady here is Noomi Rapace who plays Maja, settled with her husband and a son Patrick. Maja has sleeping disorders and has a history of depression that is unveiled as we are made to dive further into the plot. The whistle that leaves things unsettling for her, making her follow this man with a mission. The whistle man is Joel Kinnaman who plays Thomas who moved to the neighborhood recently where Noomi stays with her family. Thomas too has moved in the vicinity with his family and you are uncertain about the doubts Maja carries, seeing her personality. This is where the film revolves making us wonder if the doubts of Maja are true or these are the hallucinations or validations she claims of her horrifying past.

Maja carries the baggage of horrifying experience of the world war 2, a prolonged depression continues to haunt the Romanian lady who is supposedly happily married in the present day to an American Man Lewis played by Chris Messina brilliantly.

A whistle triggers the past, Maja stomps over Thomas, attempts to shoot him but her conscience doesn’t let her pull the trigger. What she does next surprises to her husband, who is unaware of the past behind her wife, is now an accomplice to Maja in making Thomas a hostage. It is here when the identity search begins, the director Yuval Adler convincingly plays back and forth to what might have happen and succeeds to keep us thrilled making us wonder if Thomas is the man Maja claims. Thomas at the other end is at the receiving end and does his part well essaying the role he is playing. Whether he is the one or not, who had made Maja suffer 15 years back is the secret director plays around, coupled with few more here and there; giving a plot the much more needed meat.

The secrets we keep is a decent thriller that not necessarily keeps you at the edge but succeeds to hold your attention till the end, even though it becomes predictive towards the climax. It is Noomi Rapace’s performance that the film rides upon, she succeeds to keep you hooked till the end. Her obsessive intensity and Kinnamon’s puzzling role of Thomas makes this a great watch.

The secrets we keep are the secrets where we belong, in those memories, does burying the past really helps? Or it simply lies under the carpet for a moment to actualize it , making you live it again. There is no answer to that; until you experience.

The film releases 18th December at cinemas near you.

PK Verdict: Silver***

PK Verdict

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