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Release Date:
February 7, 2020
Taapsee Pannu, Pavail Gulati, Ratna Pathak, Tanvi Azmi, Dia Mirza, Ram Kapoor, Kumud Mishra, Sushil Dahiya
PK Verdict

#Thappad – Just a Sorry!!!

Anubhav Sinha gets us in the right zone with an impressive trailer raising the bar of expectations high. However, the film comes as a wafer-thin engagement that is stretched and what you are left with it, is just a sorry.

From Just a Slap to Just a Sorry, Thappad is 141 minutes long hence it doesn’t come as tight as the trailer. It raises the right question, it has the right conscience, it has a top-notch performance from Taapsee Pannu. Her own twitter bio, all in the real… with flesh, blood and spine stands true for all the characters she portrays on screen. With Amu she yet again is the spine of the film and succeeds to provoke the right thoughts and leads you to your own introspection. Of course, it may echo with many out there but how many would take the path of Amu, and how important it is to take the path of Amu depends on the other wheel too. Vikram played by Pavail Gulati whose performance too is impressive as the second wheel, it is his personality that definitely doesn’t generalize all the Men the way Thappad probably tries to echo. Thankfully, Anubhav Sinha is conscious of this and hence Kumud Mishra. The Man who steals the heart as a Father and pillar of wisdom he brings into the act is praiseworthy. A well written role. When Amu tries to validate her step as right or wrong, his lines “Hum toh hamesha sahi sochkar karte hain, par kai baar sahi karne ka result happy nahi hota” gets straight into the heart.

The Slap, a mistake that was driven by a deep frustration and anger is outrageous. Anger & frustration definitely doesn’t let you do the right thing. On top of that ego and self-indulgence, where one fails to see the other wheel’s investment into a relationship, fails to see how it feels at the other end, is so indulged in his own self that forgets to even realize that he has not apologized.

A timely sorry could have set the tone of the film harder and get people to a different perspective. Here the writers take the liberty of graphing the character in such a way, that it makes easy for them but mellows down your interest making the film to a wafer-thin engagement. Thappad could have been tighter probably if sorry was in time and the director could have explored Amu’s perspective differently giving audience more food for thought than leaving them at the end almost concluding a happy ending leaving the audience at the confidence of sorry.

The film has a great support cast and there are parallel tracks to make look Thappad common making the story resonating. Director succeeds to bring them on screen with the right tones. Manav Kaul & Maya Sarao, Ankur Rathi & Naila Grewal, their domestic help and domestic violence. It is Kumud Mishra’s & Ratna Pathak Shah’s conversation that opens great food for thought when Kumud Mishra questions if he ever rubbed his relationship wrong. The lines and emotion here are brilliant and raises the right questions and concludes that even what seems perfect has flaws.

Thappad indeed looked perfect stroke from Anubhav and Taapsee but unfortunately it has flaws and boils down to just a sorry.

PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s

PK Verdict

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