#Kaamyaab – A Good Side Kick!!!

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Release Date:
March 6, 2020
Sanjay Mishra, Avtar Gill, Deepak Dobriyal, Sarika Singh, Liliput, Viju Khote
Comedy , Drama
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#Kaamyaab – A Good Side Kick!!!

Hardik Mehta brings in the good side kick into the main lead and let the actor in Sanjay Mishra Shines in the era gone by. It could have been more compelling with the finesse in writing and better side actors in bringing the triumph of #Kaamyaab.

The tag line “Har Kisse Ke Hisse” reflects when you watch the film. However, not the current trend anymore. As with internet, web, OTT has given these side actors a leap and when content takes over, there is no Hero, no Heroine, anymore, it is the story and the characters. Hence Neena Gupta wins a Best Actress Award for Badhaai Ho that’s the validation of the current trend.  And there is a film with Sanjay Mishra in the lead that’s too a validation of the current trend. This is probably the second time he plays the lead post #AankhonDekhi that was a stellar performance with finesse in writing.

Sanjay Mishra has won our hearts time and again with several characters he has played, this time with Kaamyaab he dons several side actors he plays of the non-existing films with the titles that amuse you. The start is stellar, the world created around Kaamyaab is nice and organically hilarious at times but these laughs are repetitive and relies more on the trip down the memory lane of Bollywood than the core character “Sudheer” the thought process, the idea of such a film is good but unfortunately the execution only reflects at the surface level and doesn’t really take us deep inside the soul of the character.

Sudheer at this age is shown staying alone in a dilapidated house and life, declining the luxury of a great stay offered by his daughter time and again. He has no mission until he is interviewed by one of the media channels that is probably taking the interview for number of views than the story itself – one up for this one. It is here where Sudheer realizes he is just one film away from his 500th film as per the IMBD(IMDB)  and gets geared up to find a role. A No Couch Only Casting company led by Deepak Dobriyal well caricatured to bring in some laughs but lacks intelligence to reflect on screen, leaving the film at mediocre state. Sudheer succeeds to get the role as leads father where he needs a drink to deliver his performance and the scene that could have created a deep impact or bring out an empathy to the earlier patterns of ruling Bollywood, all you feel is a weak sympathy for the character Sudheer as you know he is wrong at the very first place. Wonder if this how people have delivered their performances sipping 30ml for each 3-minute shot. The film that seems to pay a tribute to the side actors letting the HERO emerge as they do, itself ends up spoiling it. Hardik Mehta could have taken some inspiration from Madhur Bhandarkar films to reflect on ground reality of the sets.

Nevertheless, Sanjay Mishra does a great justice to the role and delivers. Kaamyaab touches the chord of the contemporaries of the bygone era of Bollywood and how Avtar Gill too plays one of the side character to this film and how the journey of side actors reflect is also touched upon. You have Guddi Maruti too in a small role that succeeds to bring a graceful smile now than earlier used as props of body shaming to bring in laughs. Bollywood has changed for better.

Kaamyaab is a genuine attempt of taking us to the sidekicks that get lost now also at times. Actors like Nawaazudin, Irrfan Khan, Pankaj Tripathi have all delivered wonderful sidekicks to reach at a level where they appear as a lead kick and give us spell bound performances.

Sanjay Mishra too is one of them from side kick to main kick succeeds to entertain with his Kaamyaab.

Enjoying Life? Aur option Kya Hai?

PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s




PK Verdict

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