Thackeray – Riveting!!! PK Verdict: GOLD****

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Release Date:
January 25, 2019
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Amrita Rao
Biopic , Drama
PK Verdict

Thackeray keeps your spine straight and head high throughout the film. Abhijit Panse has knitted the story well and keeps the screenplay crisp and sharp; striking the chord with the Sena Legacy and its followers too; giving the audience the real taste of Sena on screen.

Nawazuddin Siddique being in the skin of the Bal Saheb Thackeray rules and roars high in his performance. The cast well nailed down is half the battle won for the film. His appearance brings the Tiger alive on screen demanding your attention throughout. Nawazuddin displays His attitude, wit, vision, determination, mannerisms at apt and at par excellence making the film a must watch for the Man who ruled Mumbai. Rightly or not is not being judged here.
But the truth everyone knows is that He ruled Mumbai and that cannot be denied.

The film begins in Lucknow in the court where Bal Saheb Thackeray is accused that his Sena is highly involved in bringing the Babri Masjid down; raising the communal tension and the film goes back and forth cruising you through his journey. Quitting his job at Free Press Journal is presented impressively and tickles your funny bones. He lands up at Eros to watch a film that gives him a vision to serve his people specially people of his own language. He outdoes and shapes Mumbai to an extent to what it is today. The journey of Mumbai in the Making begins. The film succeeds to present the situations as they could have been then; the police helplessness, political pressure, party pressure, politics it has it all and Abhijit Panse brings them all together in a Thackeray narrative impressively.

The film cast too fits the bill right, Thackeray’s father brings in a right wit at the beginning and delivers a great inauguration Sena Speak too presenting themselves as Tigers.
Amrita Rao as Meena Tai Thackeray brings in a lot of poise and some breathing space on the screenplay in the otherwise high adrenaline Thackeray. The film has a background score that resonates the right emotion helping raise goose-bumps at some scenes.

Thackeray – His journey not known to the millennial generation is now an open book with this film that is based on real incidents some of those are breathe-taking, some nerve-racking, some humble, some gruesome, some skills you would agree some skills you would not; no matter what, being a Mumbaikar Thackeray is the Legacy that roars “Forget Me Not”. The film leaves you craving for more and the end credit roars Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra “To be continued…”.

PK Verdict: Gold****

PK Verdict

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