#EkLadkikoDekhaTohAisaLaga – Misses the Revolution!!! PK Verdict: Silver***

Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga movie review watch trailer of #EkLadkikoDekhaTohAisaLaga – Misses the Revolution!!! PK Verdict: Silver*** Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
February 1, 2019
Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao
PK Verdict
Ek Ladki ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga is definitely an entertainer but misses to be a revolution it should have been. Director Shelly Chopra dares to deliver what many would not; a mainstream film that deals with same sex attraction and comes out as a winner but not a revolution. It is a film that gets lost in translation. 
The film is engaging; rides high on the support cast than the lead, rides high on entertainment than the core subject. Sonam Kapoor plays Sweety; who essays her role well, as a timid introvert girl who prefers to stay by herself due to her sexual orientation. It is her vision that is feared by the societal obligations of “being normal” perspective. She fears many things that often comes easy to others; making herself remain in closet. 
Sweety is born different and is attracted towards the same sex. In one such family wedding she comes across Kuhu played by an actress from south Regina Cassandra. She could have been optimized than just left as a mere Sweety’s amuse. This is where the film fails to connect and just remains mere a subject with the main cast gone wrong. Like Sonam Kapoor there could have been prominent face for this to work; to make it evident. They do leave some of their audience in surprise as many weren’t knowing what’s coming up like Rajkumar Rao. Rajkumar Rao meets Sonam Kapoor accidentally and is mistaken to be her boyfriend. And he truly falls in love with her not knowing what’s coming up. 
Rajkumar Rao is a rock stellar, after knowing her orientation plays a friend as Sahil every Sweety would want. He continues to win hearts with each performance he brings on the platter. He plays Sahil, son of a rich film producer who steps out of his film kingdom enterprising his own theater showcasing his art. The highpoint of the film climax that gives a pathway for Sweety’s story to unfold under Sahil’s umbrella. The play at the end is underwhelming. 
Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla are stellar in their roles and they do bring the house down with their respective acts. The film touches the mind-blocks of divorcees and man in the kitchen too; slowing down the crux of the core subject. The core subject becomes just another subject. And hence Ek Ladki Ko dekha to aisa laga misses the great revolution it could have been and loses out in translation. 
Nevertheless, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga is an honest attempt to pack a taboo subject in a highly feel good commercial film. 
PK Verdict: Silver***
PK Verdict

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