#Taravsbilal – Saves the Day!!! PK Verdict: Silver***

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Release Date:
October 28, 2022
Harshvardhan Rane, Sonia Rathee, Mona Ambegaonkar, Niki Walia, Shagufta Ali, Deepika Amin, Raheem Mir, Pranay Manchanda, Sarmad Varraich, Shahzadi Bhatti, Ishleen Gulati, Ishveen Gulati
Comedy , Romance
PK Verdict

#Taravsbilal – Saves the Day!!!

Samar Iqbal brings us a story that only gains the momentum after testing our patience for long. But when it does, it pours. That’s the second half where it all begins. The trailer that created a huge appetite for Harshvardhan Rane’s next, leaves you starving in the first half and craving for more in the second. Tara vs Bilal comes alive only in the second half, and when it does, it brings it all what you were waiting for this romcom to bring in. 

The rom com chemistry to start the two must strike, though the title has Tara vs Bilal, there are hardly any encounters of them in the first half, versus is later. Sonia Rathee plays Tara & Harshvardhan Rane plays Bilal. Sonia Rathee is impressive, showcasing her talent from being vulnerable to self-reliant, her character is linear, and she delivers the aspects of Tara well. She grows on you faster than Bilal does. Bilal’s character is a mystery, the makers leave you absolutely puzzled to understand Bilal, leaving you frustrated to why he behaves the way he does, when you don’t get much clue about Bilal and you realize you are hit by an interval before the cupid does, you lose hope from the film. 

Nevertheless, soon after the interval cupid slides in, the way you see Tara sliding in the trailer, it moves in that smooth. Bilal’s mystery is unlayered and his performance makes it believable generating good empathy towards Bilal and you start getting to know his layers. In one of the scenes when he opens to his family, his eyes emote and his voice pierces straight into the heart taking you on the emotional ride. His craft is magical, and we only hope the film was better crafted to integrate it well throughout than in bits and pieces.  Harshvardhan Rane delivers in this half-baked film with full throttle giving his audience what they have been looking for. 

The great ensemble cast comprising of Shagufta Ali, Deepika Amin, Niki Walia, Mona Ambegoankar adds a lot of value to Tara Vs Bilal. Film also has an inclusive love story of Pranay Manchanda and Raheem Mir, and they showcase it well with panache than old school Bollywood. It is rare to see this sensibility, so inclusive and thoughtful to normalize the not so norm, giving it a center stage with a song. Cinematography is good, shot in London, the film captures the essence well. It is the writing of the film, have it been crispier and makes would have stuck to one genre rather than trying to touch base all, Tara vs Bilal, probably would have been much better. 

The film has some great music the intense “tune aise gale se lagaya” amplifies the emotional pour helping you connect deep with the love story grown in no minutes. Nichod doonga is peppy, good to see Harshvardhan Rane showcasing some dancing moves, even the wedding song integrates well. 

In the days, where Bollywood continues to disappoint, bringing us Diwali releases that are way too mediocre for audience to visit theaters. Yet, they continue to dominate the screens, blocking the space not letting films that may have some soul to breathe at the box office. Surprisingly, TaraVsBilal hardly has any screens to make over, even if TaraVsBilal would have been wholistically great, it would bear the same dent, even for word of mouth to happen you need to have screens.

Nevertheless, Tara vs Bilal is the dark chocolate that doesn’t appeal you immediately but ensures your quest from the film is satiated.  It saves the day. 

 PK Verdict: Silver***

PK Verdict

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