#SeriousMen – Fake Orgasm Seriously!!!

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Release Date:
October 2, 2020
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Indira Tiwari, Nassar
#SeriousMen – Fake Orgasm Seriously!!!
PK Verdict

Serious Men – Fake Orgasm Seriously!!!

Sudhir Mishra brings a satire that considers his audience too primitive for Serious Men to be taken seriously. He delivers nothing but a fake orgasm leaving you feel disgusted. The climatic theory that defines why things are the way they are, is nothing but fooling one’s intellect with a validation that is not a brainer.Entertainer? Serious Men does begin on a promising note, however once you are half-way through, they begin to fake it. Nawazuddin Siddiqui holds the premise tight for you to not quit but leaves you unsatisfactory at the end.

A story of Ayyan Mani, a Tamilian who is more Mumbaikar living somewhere in Bandra working at NIFR National Institute of Fundamental Research as a PA to a Brahmin Boss essayed well by Nassar. Everyone has a story to why they are the way they are; so does Ayyan; but by the time you know, you do lose interest in the progress of the film as it leaves you in a not so comfort zone. The execution at display seems too unethical to be real, be it at NIFR or be it Adi’s journey.

Living in a slum in Mumbai, Ayyan like any other father wants best for his Son, so much so that his parenting becomes questionable and this is where many would not strike a chord. The story that seemed quite inspiring and real, takes such a cinematic liberty that you feel Serious Men is not serious enough about its core story and takes the path that doesn’t leave you with any fascination to reach the end. You probably would sail through till the end only because you experienced the ray of intellect at display in the first hour.

The child artist Adi essayed by Aakshath Das has performed brilliant and at his age he has got quite a variation to perform. Nawazuddin is in his skin of the character and so is Indira Tiwari too. Though I’ve not read the book by the same name by Manu Joseph on which the film is based, the writing seems to be the culprit here to turn Serious Men not so serious about the RIGHT parenting than just parenting the WRONG way.

Serious Men is dark, engaging but not interesting and leaves you disappointed. The Logic fails to tantalize one’s intellect leaving you dull towards the second half. The end validation here doesn’t justify the plot. Aspiration here is a mere delusion.

PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s



PK Verdict

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