Emily in Paris = You in Paris!!!

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Release Date:
October 2, 2020
Lily Collins, Lucas Bravo, Philliphine Leroy, Ashley Park, william Abadie,
Adventure , Comedy , Drama
PK Verdict

Emily is Paris A New Netflix show, is your gateway to Paris through the eyes of Emily. The engagement is high enough making you feel that you are in Paris. The show episodes are crisp, and the entertainment is quick to click. It is a breather series from otherwise heavy crime dramas. It Showcases Paris, Paris’s work culture touching the chords of Fashion what Paris is known for and much more.

Lily Collins plays Emily and is all over with not just her presence in Paris, but also a growing influencer that hits the bulls eye with her tour or each task in hand, be it making friend or keeping up with her Narcissisticboss Slyvie played brilliantly by Philippine Leroy, you would love to hate her. Emily’s effort to keep up with her is at its best and showcases a highly positive approach to not get drained by bosses like these and showcases how one can win over each situation with a positive attitude. And Emily does this each and every time making it a look like a cake walk and is highly convincing.

An American who lands up in Paris for a job assignment who doesn’t speak French is not so welcome. Emily’s struggles begin right from the time she arrives in Paris, from banging into the neighbors door to being avoided at lunchbreaks,  Losing a long-distance relationship to kissing a man in relationship, Emily takes every challenge at the pinch of a salt and sails through brilliantly showcasing her 32watts smile. Her smile is so contagious that you will keep smiling throughout the show along with her. This makes the show win for its purpose and you would get to learn few things here and there in branding, advertising, fashion and of course French too. Bonjour, Bonsoir, Merci and much more. Laughter’s lies here too.

The series is a pure entertainer. Emily forms her world strong with couple of flings here and there, her chemistry and possible triangle with Gabriel played by Lucas Bravo grows on you making it a great romcom sailing across various situations. Her first friend from China and her story is emerging and inspiring too.  Pierre Cadault the fashion icon adds cherry at the top of these series giving a great oomph factor. Emily’s co-workers Luc and Julien add up some great fun at the workplace and are growing pals in Emily’s world. Plus it has laugh out loud situations too that are unpredictable and giving rise to a great comedy.

Not to be missed.

PK Verdict: Gold ****

PK Verdict

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