SAINA – A Lost Opportunity. PK Verdict: Tin**

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Release Date:
March 26, 2021
Parineeti Chopra, Meghna Malik, Manav Kaul, Eshan Naqvi, Subhrajyoti Barat, Ankur Vikal
Biopic , Drama , True Incidents
PK Verdict

SAINA – A Lost Opportunity.

Amol Gupte last week was quite impressive in his act in the film Mumbai Saga, same cannot be said for his directorial film SAINA. The film that should triumph, dissolves with a sad voice-over as if someone is narrating a Sad Story, the story that otherwise is inspirational, motivational and elevating, falls flat in the voice over of Parineeti Chopra. Be it ordeal or the victory everything has the same face, same voice. It is just not Parineeti who does the injustice to the role, it is the writing too and the execution of this writing on screen fails to captivate the glory of our World Champion player SAINA NEHWAL.


Parineeti Chopra plays Saina Nehwal and alas, it is not impressive. The only character that is impressive in the film is the role of Rani, Saina’s mother, essayed by Meghna Malik, followed by Shubrajyoti Bharat who plays her father. None of the other characters leave any impact otherwise in this victoriously dull film. Manav Kaul, who otherwise, always leaves an impact has a sketchy role, as a coach, has a vision towards his academy but not for the player. Even if this was true from the diaries of Saina, could have been executed better to make us feel the pain. The coach played by Ankur Vikal, in the second innings, under whom Saina wins the World Championship, has a passing role and the actor doesn’t really leave any lasting impact. Eshan Naqvi who plays Kashyap, love interest of Saina doesn’t either has any better writing to create an impact.

The emotion of the voiceover stays flat throughout not letting the film take the leap, it only makes you feel sulk in your seat barring the last match in the second half, that is well directed, executed. It is only our patriotism, our love for nation that gives us a good adrenaline rush towards such scenes. As Indians, we always hold a certain spirit, certain love for our nation, that makes us love the second half of the film, but it is purely for the game, purely for the real Saina, certain facts that are displayed on screen giving us an insight of real Saina, elevating our Indian Spirits, making us leave the auditorium proud of our Girl, pride of our country, who gave India our first World Champion in Badminton, who won a marathon of international titles, making India Proud. With this information, we of course leave the auditorium with our chest high. But if you ask about the film, it lacks any chest thumping moments. It is flat, monotonous and runs at a speed that may make put you off to sleep.

A better actor along better script and direction would have made us celebrate Saina again than making it look like a lost opportunity.

PK verdict: Tin**



PK Verdict

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