#MumbaiSaga – A whistle Blow Film!!! PK Verdict: Gold****

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Release Date:
March 19, 2020
John Abraham, Emraan Hashmi, Kajal Agarwal, Rohit Roy, Shaad Randhwa, Mahesh Manjerkar, Amol Gupte, Pratiek Babbar, Gulshan Grover
Action , Crime , Drama , True Incidents
PK Verdict

#MumbaiSaga – A whistle Blow Film!!!

Welcome to the Magic of Cinemas. After a while, movie watching has been a great experience. Mumbai Saga, a full-on Masala film that stays true to its genre, delivers and how? What a wow!!!

Sanjay Gupta nails it this time along with John Abraham who simply stands out in each frame. One liners, dialogues and the plot development are simply amazing never letting it lose until Honey Singh appears in the eighties or say early nineties. Other than that, the film is rock solid minus here and there. Mahesh Manjrekar, without giving his character, a name, we all know who he plays and with a great conviction he essays the role. His lines, calling John as Senapati and himself a Sena, he says it all, from Bombay to Mumbai, Mumbai Saga is soulful bringing back the spirit of Bollywood.

Amol Gupte as Gaitonde is stellar too, a real good menace that gives rise to the character Amartya becomes. Sunil Shetty has a passing role; his presence doesn’t really add much to the film but again; it doesn’t matter. Kajal Agarwal is passable too. Rest of the casting is pitch perfect, be it John’s gang that includes Shaad Randhawa, Pratiek Babbar and above all Rohit Roy they all are in the skin of their characters adding their bit to the plot. Rohit Roy being the kingpin amongst all. Gulshan Grover doesn’t seem to have aged since Bad Man in Ram Lakhan, as Nari Khan he has little to do, but his presence creates a magnum.

And then we have Emraan Hashmi who essays the magnum role of Inspector Vijay Savarkar, an encounter specialist, delivering an ace performance convincingly. It is not easy to be in the same frame as John Abraham when action is in action, yet Emraan looks terrifically convincing and gives John a few good jabs.  The walls crack and there are dents in the wall. The action direction is full-on too, technically grown yet a great feel of the eighties, the real filmi masala film. John Abraham smashes left, right and center like a true Hindi Hero be it one on one or one to many.

The plot is simple, back in olden days when the streets of Mumbai were divided and ruled by the local goons, pup-petted by someone Big. Yet there was an internal rivalry, a mafia of the mafia and then when a common man becomes one of them, to protect his family being run by, a Don is born. This is where it departs from the real story as Mumbai Saga is only inspired by True Events and not a true story. Made purely to entertain and does that really well. From production to the plot, one liners to dialogues, it has it all.



Thanks to the makers who in the times of Pandemic, make us time travel to the 80’s when Hindi Film Hero roared punching goons Dishoom Dishoom. JA delivers a superlative Performance as Amartya Rao. Seeing his performance as Amartya, already excited to watch him in his double role as Satya and Jay in Satyameva Jayate2.

For those who love Bollywood Masala Films, Mumbai Saga is not to be missed and to be cherished on the Big Screen.


PK Verdicts: Gold****


PK Verdict

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