#Robot2.0 – A see-saw Ride. PK Verdict: 2.5*s

Robot 2.0 Movie Review watch trailer of #Robot2.0 – A see-saw Ride. PK Verdict: 2.5*s Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
November 29, 2018
'Superstar' Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson
Action , Entertainment , Sci-Fi
PK Verdict

Shankar’s much Awaited Robot2.0 is finally here and it is magnificent in parts if not splendid throughout.

The film begins on a high note with you entering Robot2.0 opening Credits giving you a great 3D effect post that it mellows down to any other film having 3D effects. The film captivates you soon after it begins, and you wonder “How” it is happening. And it is this “How” towards the end that makes you lose the “wow” factor which would have been great.

The film holds a strong message something that may put one to ponder upon; but it is the TRAI that has to regulate it well to keep the flying souls safe and let technology be used for what it should suppose-to be; progressive. This piece is quite informative but Robot2.0 is here to entertain too.

It is a see-saw ride that you will enjoy visually but doesn’t really reaches at par with the entertainment quotient. The film has its own high and low moments, but it never continues to stay high. It is lost in its own world. It is indeed an opportunity loss with such a great message. The film suffers intellectually where there is so much believable jargon of cellular services, radiation, robotics it rides on a sad soul “Dukhi Aatma” that bogs you down post interval for quite a long time until the face-off occurs. The climax face-off is visually spectacular and fun to watch; but it has repeat elements from the previous version not really offering anything new on the platter.
Neutralization takes forever and makes you feel stretched. First half is decent enough and raises the right curiosity, but the second half is where you lose the interest. At times it brings in a wow factor and at times you feel “Holy Cow”. Especially soon after the interval.

Performances – story does revolve around Akshay Kumar, but it is only in the second half you get to see him after the opening scene. He is great. Amy Jackson fits the bill for what she should be supposedly doing. Super Star Rajni is all over in 3-4 versions. Treat for Rajni fans yet this could have been much better.

Technically film is flawless; be it sound, background or VFX. 3D is pretty average.

If you loved Robot; you will find Robot 2.0 quite disappointing.

PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s29

PK Verdict

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