#ThugsofHindustan – Bollywood’s Black Diwali – PK Verdict: Super Tin*

Thugs of Hindustan Movie Review watch trailer of #ThugsofHindustan – Bollywood’s Black Diwali – PK Verdict: Super Tin* Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
November 8, 2018
Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Fatima Sana Shaikh
Adventure , Entertainment
PK Verdict

No Animals were harm in this film.
The review is sole individual opinion of how it was perceived and on assumptions of how audience will perceive. The verdict doesn’t intend to hurt any sentiments of the film makers, production house, Stalwarts associated with the film.
Any hurt caused to the people associated with the film, living or dead, or to actual firms, purely depends on how they perceive.

The YRF – Amitabh Bachchan – Aamir Khan are all set to Thug you this Diwali with their release that is nothing but a return of Amitabh Bachchan back in his Jaadugar and Toofan Category cinema with Aamir Khan toppling on it.

Tashan Dhoom3 and now a Diwali Doom in the name of “Thugs of Hindustan” coming from the Director Vijay Krishna Acharya who fails to impress in spite of having the Top List Actors. Big B and Aamir Khan the casting that created the stir and ensured cash registers ringing at the Box Office; making everyone look forward to it.  The trailer unveiled the upcoming disaster and the thugs were strolled across social media leaving no positive vibes in the favor of the film. We expected the film to surprise with zero expectation, but film shocks us to a shit this film has turned out to be – A rich YRF Poop.

Director turn stalwarts into caricatures with the Parody of Kraanti and pirates of the Caribbean making Amitabh Bachchan do look silly wherein he could have pulled it out well if the content, direction, story, writing, dialogues and color of the film would have been right. So, you get it what went wrong. He is Amitabh Bachchan and there is Amir Khan who could have pulled out anything together now if there is anything that they will pull off is a decent run for this black film. Once Sanjay Leela Bhansali turned Diwali blue with Saawariya and now YRF brings us a Black Diwali with Thugs of Hindustan.

It is high time Katrina Kaif should walk out of such roles wherein she is left with more of being an object than any substance into the role. Fatima Sheikh looked complete misfit – katrina kaif would have looked better but the film’s fate still wouldn’t have changed as content, direction, writing, dialogues, music, lyrics everything fails. Actor Kiran Kumar would have pulled off the role of the villain played by whomsoever (Lloyd Owen) much better than him. The film drags and will drag until you are dragged out of the theater and its box office run will also be dragged as Thugs is all set to thug you; being the single release this week and lacks competition too. It will be dragged to the number of crores they will claim and at the end celebrate the film’s disastrous success too. They will drag you to the theaters with PaytM offers, Book My Show offers until you get there. Don’t get thugged rather celebrate your money with your loved ones and dear ones and save them from this torturous cinema.

The film post trailers relied on Word of Mouth. And my word of loud mouth is up there.

PK Verdict: Tin*


PK Verdict

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