#Pathaan – Saridon!!! PK Verdict: Tin**

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Release Date:
January 25, 2023
Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham
Action , Entertainment
PK Verdict

Siddharth Anand doesn’t seem to be the director of the league the cast is. May be good on BO numbers but what matters is the content. Pathaan lacks content. Only Body No Soul, High Action Zero Emotion, Magical Cast Illogical Plot. Poor Dubbing Poor Direction. Pathaan indeed a Power Packed come back for SRK but HOLLOW!!!

The film starts with the motive that is only to be found connecting the dots towards the end and in between there is nothing but Pathaan. Is it a launch vehicle for SRK whom we have loved seeing fighting goons, opening arms with a swag, sing a song, bring a wit. We have seen SRK doing better stuff than Pathaan. As a fan, I too feel disappointed for the choice of script he chose to rise high only to fall flat on the content part. The goal doesn’t seem to be doing the right project but winning the numbers, be it opening numbers or be the pecks you have on the abdomen at the number age they have reached. Gone are the days of the charm of being a pin-up boy, these are men with the legacy hard earned. They are now turning into the men who probably are high on steroids and low on discernment of the projects they do. The graph could be saved coming down.

John Abraham is impressive but has nothing to do much than punch and grin.

Deepika has more to offer than shaking her booty and mislead not just the Pathaan but the audience too. Nevertheless, she brings soul making hearts pump at the interval point. Then of course, the magic of tailor begins, Tailor here is Siddharth Anand the director who has just stitched the action pieces with few regular Bollywood dialogues with background score used for the magnum effects than the effect. And he stitches Tiger too bringing Salman Khan in mid of nowhere up in the air straight out of the Cola advertisement making YRF int a SLY Universe than SPY Universe a way to bring their agents to hit our heads hard in the future. Tiger series were impressive coz it was the writing.

In Pathaan, they hop across the globe Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Paris and what not with no foot anywhere on the ground. The kites fly high, but their strings are attached down to the hearts. Pathaan does everything to please but doesn’t really succeed to win the heart minus his swag. SRKs Swag is unbeatable, Deepika from the power girls becomes a Bechari at times with ease, that’s probably the acting with no character graph. John Abraham does it all right and it suits what he does, it is the writing that makes his role look mediocre. The action pieces between SRK n JA are not always believable. Action Pre-VFX era was more believable and rawer than now. Technologies work brains don’t. Glad, writing is still an art and not a technology.

We all know SRK is the Khan who has it what it takes, needs the right director to make his charisma work. Keeping fingers crossed for his next.

For now, Pathaan is nothing but a way to Saridon. Choose what you want.

PK Verdict: Tin **

PK Verdict

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