Kuttey – A Puppy Film!!! PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s

watch trailer of Kuttey – A Puppy Film!!! PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
January 13, 2023
Action , Crime
PK Verdict

Kuttey – A Puppy Film!!!

Vishal Bhardwaj has infused us with the dark cinema that is pepped up with the humour giving us several entertainers barring few duds. We have enjoyed his films and some of them are cult classic. Aasmaan Bhardwaj his son, in his directorial debut brings us Kuttey.

Rushes of the film were interesting, even the trailer did set the expectations high, the film isn’t bad but it is not good either. The first half falls flat minus the prologue of the film. The film only succeeds to ring in some soul in the second half. Although the climax is good yet not worth to sit through the sequence of chapters that leads to the epilogue. The metaphor of frog and the scorpion is taking over Bollywood, recently in Alia Bhatt’s Darling and now Kuttey giving us the same metaphor philosophy. The prologue metaphor of Lion, Goat and the dog lands well and it sets the tone of the film right.

It is the rest of the cast minus Arjun Kapoor that demands attention. Konkana Sen Sharma, Kumud Mishra, Tabu in limited roles leaves a mark. The cast is so vast that no character has an arch to grow than to chase one bone of their greed. Naseeruddin Shah is forced into the film coz of his filmography with VB films and so is the other cast. Wasted!! Radhika Madan in limited role is impressive, she is the powerhouse of talent unexplored, yet her and Shardul Bhardwaj’s short love story with a song only tests your patience in this less than two hours of run time film. They could either afford Arjun Kapoor or a heroine for film, as the film already has 3 heroines Tabu, Konkana and Radhika but none against Arjun Kapoor. Poor guy is left with an unknown face at the end. Coming as a wanna be from Ek Villian Returns to Kuttey with no appeal for a heroine in the disguise of a Hero. Arjun Kapoor is wasted as a lead here. Leading a role in the Bharadwaj universe where he appears to be a stray in the ensemble cast of Lions and Lionesses of actors. A better actor and a bit of humour would have made this film bark louder.

Senior Bharadwaj has set the standards high to what to expect from Bharadwaj films, Junior Bharadwaj tries to deliver us a film from Senior Bhardwaj’s universe but lacks depth and conviction of good story telling. Story though yet doesn’t really succeeds to entertain making Kuttey just a puppy film.

After Kaminey, Kuttey their next probably could be Harami baaki gaaliyaan toh film main hi hai.  Whatever it may be, we only hope their core to be entertainment whatever genre it may be. Looking forward to see Aasman Bharadwaj’s next from the universe that differs from Senior Bharadwaj.

PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s

PK Verdict

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