#LaalsinghChadda – Autobiography of the Brand “Rupa”. PK Verdict: Tin**

watch trailer of #LaalsinghChadda – Autobiography of the Brand “Rupa”. PK Verdict: Tin** Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
August 11, 2022
Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Mona Singh, Chaitanya
Biopic , Entertainment
PK Verdict

The trailer was disaster and so is the film. And unfortunately, this time the villain is not the writing; it is the Actor “A” himself. Adaptation of Forrest Gump is well penned by Atul Kulkarni, it is the execution, the current timeline and the actors verbal timely orgasms of  long “hmmmms” that keeps one annoyed rather entertained throughout. Making Bhaag Laal Bhaag sounds as good as Bhaag Audience Bhaag. Teen gante bithakar Laal Kar deeti. 


Amir Khan starts well, you see Shahrukh Khan on screen, you hear cheers, claps, and whistles. Yes, you read that right you see SRK in a micro cameo and you feel the magic has just begun. That’s the impact of Micro SRK, a big Euphoria in the auditorium. While there was hardly any cheer for Amir when he appears on screen as Laal. 


Soon, the rail derails to a pure boredom and deep yawning experience. Eventually, the film has so much Chaddi Banyan, that we know  from far what is emerging. Laal Singh Chaddha emerges as an autobiography of the Brand Rupa played by Kareena Kapoor. Though she is impressive, it is the plot that gets regressive. In the era of MeToo; Casting Couch of nineties looks too outdated and Rupa seems to be coming out from her own film-set Heroine. We get the timeline, what we don’t get is the execution. What Rajamouli did with Alia Bhatt in RRR, Director Advait does it with Naga Chaitanya in Laal Singh Chaddha, giving him a role that is too small. Not just in length, in impact too. 


Laal Singh Chadda, the director, Advait Chandan’s second outing as a director. His earlier Secret Superstar was stellar making his next much awaited and the kind of casting coup he got, raised the bar of expectations. Alas, Amir Khan never grows, right from his 3 idiots to PK and now LSC, the actor fails to bring any diversity taking his audience and fans for granted. Plus, the VFX that makes him look young for most of the part questions why Kareena Kapoor had to audition for the part, when Amir’s part itself is a question. Have it been some other young actor, probably LSC would have been a better experience.


The film starts with the never-ending verbal disclaimer from the actor himself, somewhere deep within, he has realized to what has gone wrong before the release itself basis on the how the trailer was received. But there was little they could do to save the damage. The verbal disclaimer sounds the desperation of the actor for LSC to work; and makers forget that films don’t work on long disclaimers or intentions. All it takes is “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment” as said by Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture. And Laal Singh Chaddha lacks entertainment. 


PK Verdict: Tin**



PK Verdict

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