#Baaghi3 – Mini Thor urgh Bore!!! PK verdict: Tin**

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Release Date:
March 6, 2020
Tiger Shroff, Ritiesh Deshmukh, Shraddha Kapoor, Ankita Lokhande, Jameel Khoury, Satish Kaushik, Jaideep Ahlawat, Jackie Shroff
PK Verdict

#Baaghi3 – Mini Thor urgh Bore!!!

Ahmed Khan tries to triumph Tiger to the glory of Thor who slips in from nowhere hearing his name being called out RONNIE and before hitting the bad guys he haves his emotional moment. All marvels have some kind of a prop where they get this energy from emerging them as Super Heroes Bollywood Haha!! They take your intelligence for a ride, Tiger pounces over tanks, copter n what not, being bombarded he escapes Everything.


Third in its instalment Tiger’s Baaghi3 is the weakest of all. The film based in Agra moves to Syria in the second half and how! Well there isn’t much to scratch heads here. 5 writers have got into to writing of Baaghi Story, Screenplay and what not; and what they bring out of it on screen is King Kong out of Tiger Shroff. The good thing is Tiger delivers but the film definitely has nothing to offer than the seventies plot twisted along with the songs.

Tiger Shroff has huge fan following amongst kids and at the beginning of the film the Junior Tiger is shown hitting guys left, right and centre only promoting something he shouldn’t. Like in seventies you see a father hitting a child mercilessly with a belt that is absolutely out of question. Yea we get the era here is probably mid-nineties as we see Salman’s Judwa is enjoyed by the duo Ritesh Deshmukh and Tiger Shroff. Ritesh in the mid of the Judwa2 interval behaves as if Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham was screened he sobs more than Jaya Bachchan did in K3G.  Nevertheless, this interval point of Judwa brings a roadmap to the possibly called story of Baaghi3. Ritesh graduates to a cop and it is Tiger who does all the action, the Bhaichara shown here is far from reach of the logic, where cop has all the chara(salary) and Tiger wonder what he is upto in the film than just appearing as a genie sorry Ronnie to his Vikram buddy (Ritesh Deshmukh).

Do you expect Shraddha Kapoor to do anything sensible other than being a silly chaw-chaw girl. It is only Jaideep Ahlawat other than Tiger Shroff who makes a bit of impact. The film has a cast(college boy) of Kabir Singh fame and they bring him on screen with the similar background music score of Kabir Singh during his fight scenes. Such a pity!!! No originality.  Even dialogues are borrowed from Tiger’s own film, Baaghi, Heropanti and what not.

Film’s music is bad and it only gives you extended breaks to step out, make a few phone calls and come back. And yet you don’t miss anything, second half is so weak and that it has nothing but action where copters, tanks chase Tiger shroff and are never able to get the one right shot.

Finally when you see tiger almost dead in the end, there is a sigh of relief that there wouldn’t be a fourth Baaghi but they disappoint you there too.

PK Verdict : Tin**

PK Verdict

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