#Joji – Deliciously Noir!!! PK VERDICT: GOLD****

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Release Date:
April 7, 2021
Fahadh Faasil, Babu Raj, PN Sunny, Unnimaya Prasad, Joji Mundakayam, Alister Alex, Basil Josephh, Shammi Thilekan
Crime , Drama
PK Verdict

#Joji – Deliciously Noir!!!

Dileesh Pothan serves us a deliciously noir film.

Coming from the house of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Joji played by Fahadh Faasil hooks you up right from his first frame till his last. It is his vulnerability and uncertainty that’s un-layers with each incident makes this film a must watch with the beautiful cinematography and amazing background score. The film is a gem, a dark household drama you would love to watch.

PN Sunny the father who plays Kuttapan PK is the core crux of the story that gives rise to the mystery of the character Joji. PN Sunny comes as strong character from the frame one when he is shown doing pull-ups, it is Dileesh’s direction that leaves an impression along with PN Sunny when the camera at the same time moves along the house and his grandson gazing at the window waiting for his parcel to be delivered. The film has a style that Dileesh brings in, with his art making the film a cinematic delight with strong cinematography and a great background score.


More or less the film is shot in the house and it is done beautifully, considering the film is shot in the covid era and in covid days, the inclusions the film has, make it look all realistic. It is the drama that is filmy and the situations Joji gets in. But there are no complaints the film sticks to its genre and delivers a great story with a wonderful treatment.

Fahadh Haasil does a lot with his sheer performance, through his eyes that speaks a thousand words, he literally acts through his eyes giving expressions of vulnerability, confidence, mysterious, maniac, anger, frustration, fear and helplessness. His chemistry with his sister-in-law, their exchanges and to what it manifests is something that makes you believe the growth of the character and the good thing about the direction is, it makes you feel for Joji than anybody else. That’s a win.

Last time we had a classic on Macbeth was in Vishal Bharadwaj’s Maqbool that is a timeless classic and completes in full circle so is this time Dileesh Pothan’s Joji, completes the full circle of entertainment nicely.

The film though slow burn sinks you fast in its story, making you vouch for Joji.

A must watch, streaming now on Amazon Prime.

PK Verdict: Gold****


PK Verdict

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