Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha – One Soul Two Stories amazing live saga. ****Gold

mera woh matlab nahi tha review watch trailer of Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha – One Soul Two Stories amazing live saga. ****Gold Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
March 7, 2015
Anupam Kher, Neena Gupta
Play , Theatre Act
PK Verdict

Theatre at its best – This is what you feel watching Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha brilliantly written by Rakesh Bedi with the right ingredients of almost all the emotions be it comedy, fear, heartbroken or heartfelt. Anupam Kher & Neena Gupta were honored with the Standing Ovation from each one in the auditorium. Auditorium thundered with humongous sound of claps with their each punching line be it their poetry or comedy. The two actors shined on stage spectacularly bringing you the story of each one playing 2 characters in the live flashback well staged.

Set in Delhi, Almost 35years later they meet again opening layers in the flashback with Anupam Khers timely recitation of the title “Mera woh matlab Nahin tha” he gives away different nuances each time with the title. The two who were suppose to get marry what separated them and what brings them together now forms the story well performed live. More than their love it’s about human relationships we come across watching them performing. How brilliantly the two showcase their journey is highly recommended to witness.

In our lives, we always keep saying things which we don’t mean. We never say what we actually mean, if we say what we actually mean; it would be a better place to live in. The man who walks daily in the park has a story behind it – a thought which will make you think – comes from Rakesh Bedi in special appearances he has in this play. He is the same man behind this story who has crafted Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha; Neena Gupta & Anupam Kher put their souls together making them one to bring this beautiful play on stage. DO NOT MISS IT.

PK Verdict: **** GOLD

PK Verdict

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