Hasmukh – Vir is VEER here!!!

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Release Date:
April 17, 2020
Vir Das,Ranvir Shorey, Suhail Nayyar, Ravi Kishen, Raza Murad
Comedy , Thriller
PK Verdict

Hasmukh – Vir is VEER here!!!

Vir Das’s comedy curve is rising up exponentially, his stand-ups on Netflix has always attracted white collar audience. With Hasmukh he touches the chords of rural India too and will eventually will have more admirers. Hasmukh – light outside dark inside. A character you will fall in love with in spite of knowing his actions. Highly strong writing and to the crisp. There is a brighter side to the Dark and Vir Das delivers brilliantly.


Hasmukh Sudiya from small-town Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, an intern in the modern day language to a leading local stand-up comic artist Gulati played by Manoj Pahwa, is an aspiring artist who dreams big to be a Stand-up Comedian. Gulati who comes across as mean mentor not actually grooming him but merely uses him as a spot boy. One day just before the show the bubble bursts and Hasmukh takes over the stage. The journey begins and how show after show is unveiled is quite captivating with its writing and keeps you hooked throughout.

Gulati’s manager is now his manager, played by Ranveer Shorey whose character is well written too, Jimmy the maker is a great buddy support he has bringing in the right situation humor.

There journey brings them to Mumbai on a big channel with big incidents. The cast includes Ravi Kishen and Raza Murad too who add to the plot along with the competitive comedian KK played by Suhail Nayyar who comes as a good rival in the finale episode giving us a laugh of envy to enjoy double comedy. The series is smartly written and executed. It keeps you engaged and works good. The climax pretty much is easily anticipated but it is the journey of Hasmukh that is enjoyable than his destination.

Hasmukh series comes as a slow Comedy Poison that infuses humor in your veins. Vir das is VEER here and he absolutely nails it.

PK verdict: Gold****


PK Verdict

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