#Bonus – Must Earned!!!

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Release Date:
February 28, 2020
Gashmeer Mahajani, Pooja Sawant, Mohan Agashe
PK Verdict

#Bonus – Must Earned!!!

Saurabh Bhave with his film Bonus gives us an opportunity to introspect and reminds us to be in gratitude in the times we are. Bonus is a refreshing film making one feel good and thankful to the blessings around us we fail to see and take things for granted.

Gashmeer Mahajani plays Aditya a son of a billionaire running a family business and often finds a clash in the decisions at the board. One such decision they clash is on the Bonus. Mohan Agashe who plays his grandfather ruling the company challenges him out to stay and survive for a month on his own without any support from family and friends. Aditya accepts the challenge to prove himself right and what follows is the experience that lets you reflect on life and gives you deeper sense of livelihood people take granted for.

Bonus doesn’t come as a preachy movie as this review may sound, but it is one of those slice of life films that take you closer to your own self to identify and reflect on life with gratitude and how one can continue to be compassionate irrespective of the situations around. Watching the film at the times of lockdown makes you introspect, reflect and makes you feel better.

When you have a story-teller who writes and then directs too, the outcome is flawless. Saurabh Bhave’s Writing Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction keeps you engaged at a lighter note with higher message.


PK verdict: Gold****



PK Verdict

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