#Goodnewwz – Indeed a great SPAM PK Verdict: Gold****

watch trailer of #Goodnewwz – Indeed a great SPAM PK Verdict: Gold**** Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
December 27, 2019
Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh, Kiara Advani
Comedy , Romance
PK Verdict

#Goodnewwz – Indeed a great SPAM PK Verdict: Gold****

Raj Mehta brings in the bedroom conversations into the living room hilariously. The whispering talks are out there and loud to the core giving you a slice of life comedy with life full in it. Goodnewwz is indeed a great sperm of comedy Bollywood delivers.

The trailer does give the gist of what Goodnewwz is about. The Batra’s goof-up, a nightmare they live, how the Batra Women pursue their pregnancy, how the Batra Men look at their fatherhood and how, is where the humor lies.

All the Batra’s are in a great form and Mehta’s writing is the magic. It is not an easy task to make audience connect on a goof-up that’s one in a million case. Absolutely, not easy to understand or relate to conclude the technically right situation. Bringing this on the platter and making the audience enjoy it thoroughly is the magic of writing.

Magic of Acting is cherry on the cake. Akshay Kumar is in his best form, he is the one who lives the complexity and is absolutely uncertain to the know-how of such a situation. Kareena Kapoor looks fab, gorgeous as always and delivers a pregnancy monologue giving a punch in the belly flawlessly. Kiara Advani looks brilliant, performs brilliant and emotes exactly the way it should be. Diljit lives up to his name “dil’ “jeet” impeccably brilliant. Kiara and Diljit play the over the top Punjabi and their mannerism’s – super. Performing on the hilarious writing and delivering is where Goodnewwz succeeds. Do look out for Akshay’s slip disc and Kiara’s flush. They will make you go mad laughing.

The Joshi’s played by Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra, the couple doctors behind the goof-up are in their best form too. You wouldn’t imagine what Tisca Chopra plays replacing Katrina; simply humorous. The film is absolutely hilarious and the same time sensitive too. When the baby arrives and faces challenges, Batra’s bond well and they make you cry and laugh giving you the experience of life brilliantly touching your hearts.

Goodnewwz is indeed a great sperm of comedy Bollywood delivers at the year end.

Go for it.

PK Verdict: Gold****

PK Verdict

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