#GullyBoy – DIVINE!!! – PK Verdict: PLATINUM *****

Gully Boy Movie Review watch trailer of #GullyBoy – DIVINE!!! – PK Verdict: PLATINUM ***** Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
February 14, 2019
Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Kalki koechlin
PK Verdict

Zoya Akhtar is commendable striking the Human chord with a great strident musically, lyrically and emotionally. Ranveer Singh has worked his ass off but makes Murad look cake walk to us; in the character he is, “Divine” plays indeed a Divine and HOW!!!
He SINGS he DANCES he KICKS he KISSES he ROMANCES he EMOTES he ROARS he THUMPS PHEW!!! He takes you deep into the lives of the Gully World through his EYES.
Alia Bhatt – doesn’t leave an opportunity either to showcase the powerhouse talent she is; in the presence of Divine she leaves her mark with a thump.

The film loosely based on the life of street rappers Divine and Naezy; comes in a tight screenplay without losing on any beat of the street, making you witness the great camaraderie coming live on screen with MC Sher and Murad. Siddhant Chaturvedi who was last seen in Amazon Series Inside Edge makes a Big debut on the Big Screen giving an out of edge performance. He makes you fall in love with MC Sher from the word go as “Bhaag Bhaag Sher Aaya” begins. The song well integrated with gender chauvinism hitting it HARD lyrically and musically. Murad is played by Ranveer Singh and How is only could be only seen on big screen. His evolving journey to a Gully Boy comes as a Big Thump bringing in the Larger than life moments with so much realism. They both together rock and bring the celebration alive in audis with “Mere Gully Mein” making you tap your feet and wave your hands. Gully Gully Mein song produced by SKY another artist played by Kalki in a very little screen presence her character conveys a lot. Zoya Akhtar’s narrative makes a small space but large message with a night out that shouts out Size Zero Model and making Brown and Beautiful shine.

Alia Bhat plays Safeena, Murad’s love interest and pursuing medical, possessive for her love to a level that it may give you relationship goals killing infidelity. She brings the house down couple of times and sparks the screen with her sheer presence, daring and wit. Her performance speaks volume and she has definitely reached here doing “Gullu Gullu” as it may seem to many. She lets her work speak each time she delivers on screen.

Gully also has Moeen a friend who doesn’t form part of the Murad’s English-speaking friends yet is a friend in need, indeed. Moeen through Murad’s eyes is always dedh-shaana, kamina who promotes child labor and how!!! Not everything you see is right; belief is the word. Character is not by actions of the body, it is by the deeds of the soul. Moeen played brilliantly and believable by Vijay Varma will only make you laugh it will bring tears down your cheeks in one of the scenes giving you friendship goals.

The film also has a small layer that gives a path to Doori song. A “Doori” poem written by Javed Akhtar comes at a brilliant note in the film making your heart go out for even people whom you can’t reach. Magic of cinema succeeds because of the way Zoya directs; creates the right aura sinking you in the wee hours, on the streets of Mumbai, there are big luxurious cars with zero comfort at heart. It is a great moment in the film.
One such another thought provoking moment in the film is the “Ek Hee Raasta” poem when Ranveer heads to the rap battle observing people in local train is yet another wow!!! It hits HARD.

Zoya Akhtar has all the layers in the world of Gully Boy and all well integrated. There is also a family where Murad belongs. Vijay Raaz brings in a class act as his father and is HARD. Domestic violence breeds in the lanes of this world and Murad too suffers through this and it helps him grow to a Man from a boy. The transition begins. The lines he shares with his grandmother at this junction is HARD again. All these lines come from Vijay Maurya the dialogue writer of Gully Boy and who plays a Mean Mama to Murad but conveys one important message of One Chance that comes as a game changer thought for Murad. He walks out to create his time making a pathway for the brilliant “Apna Time Aayega” song where he pops his heart out with passion and becomes a LIVEWIRE making you leave wanting for more; craving for more.

Lyrics and music play a key role in Gully Boy and they are helmed various artists. Screenplay by Reema Kagti and Zoya herself is crisp and tight. Performances from everyone in the frame adds value to the narrative.

Bollywood has not received a film like this in decades and neither have received an actor RANVEER SINGH is; LIVEWIRE. Transforms himself in his true DIVINE – passion at another level altogether. Ranveer Singh singing songs for you; what else would you ask for and How? See it, hear it, to believe it.
Gully Boy is a Big CREATIVE Experience. Take a Bow – Zoya Akhtar.


PK Verdict

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