#Brahmastra Breath-taking PK Verdict: GOLD****

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Release Date:
September 9, 2022
Amitabh Bachchan, RanbirKapoor, AliaBhatt, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Mouni Roy
Entertainment , Sci-Fi
PK Verdict

Bollywood finally is about to get relieved from its parched spell. Ayan Mukerjis Dream becomes a reality, Brahmastra emerges as an entertaining astra. It may not be perfect but it dares to vision something new and delivers a magnum. The film has all the elements of being a wholesome entertainer and eventually it is. It has the soul of magic, the body of work and passion to dream; making their fantasy believable. Makers may not save the world but positively Bollywood. Thanks to the makers for finally ringing in originality.

Brashmastra Part 1 Shiva – By now we all know Part 1 is the story of Shiva essayed by Ranbir Kapoor who has a deep connection with the fire element, playing an Agni-astra. Ranbir has a certain poise no other actor has, his innocence plays a key part in helping us connect with the character he plays, taking us through the journey of Brahmastra along with him throughout. That makes the film work. Alia Bhatt plays a girl next door, playing his love interest and we are so used to seeing them together that even makers don’t give us much of her back story. Their chemistry is doubtlessly brilliant. Her chirpiness and his swag along with the story sways it all. The film has breath-taking sequences keeping you at the edge of the seat bringing a wow factor in. At the same time, the momentum at times shivers a bit giving you pace to breathe, but at no point they loosen up. Rest of the support cast is brilliant along with the special appearance of the King Khan which is known to all by now and of course is terrific.


Amitabh Bachchan of course brings his grandiose, just his presence elevates the weight around. He is a Boon Bollywood has and it is glad to see makers justifying his presence in films of such calibre, he punches hard and takes the punch equally hard. Brahmastra rings in some brilliant action. The VFX that looked weak in the trailers, doesn’t look bad at all on screen. Film though VFX heavy roars high on content, grounding your belief in the story well. Mouni Roy is good but yet a weak cast, considering the line of cast Brahmastra has. She leads the role of antagonist and for Hero to emerge, the villain has to be stronger. Nevertheless, her presence never goes out of the place, considering there is no physical combat but combat of super-powers, she sails through.


The film has great Music, Pritam hits the right chords and all the songs are well paced in the film and only elevate the mood further. Dance ka bhoot track has a brilliant ending tempo, Deva Deva is good and Love Storyian in Kesariya doesn’t hurt your ears at all.


Ayan Mukerji with Brahmastra wins our hearts, with his sheer belief in his creation and giving Bollywood its first event film and as they say “This is just the beginning”. So of course the Best is yet to come as Part 2. For now, you should definitely enjoy the Brahmastra magic and cherish the film as it clears the litmus test. Brahmastra concludes part 1 shiva making a path for the part 2 – Dev. Just hoping the makers don’t take as long as part 1 for Brahmastra to be on screens again with Dev. For now, cherish the originality Bollywood has delivered, though not a six yet a brilliant boundary.


Brahmastra Part 1 Shiva – PK Verdict: Gold****

PK Verdict

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