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Release Date:
February 21, 2020
Vicky Kaushal, Bhoomi Pendekar
PK Verdict

Dharma productions goes dark has indeed come true. Corrupting real talent giving people what they used to easily find day after day on televisions. Regressive Cinema is where they are leading to, another #Kalank from Dharma productions this year.

Vicky Kaushal is an actor, you give him anything and he succeeds to showcase his talent. The only reason Bhoot is watchable or may get an opening is because of him. After 200cr plus film, scoring high Josh in URI, this one’s score looks scary than the film.
Dharma does it all to bank upon the great creditibilty, giving us a wafer thin plot playing Bhoot Bhoot without any shivers and same old lame techniques seen umpteen times.

Yes the Story probably looked better on paper than on screen. The best excuse they will have to validate their execution. Direction Bhanu Pratap Singhs first directorial, don’t be surprised if he takes away the best debut at Filmfare award. Editing, for a horror film the editing is too too lame. It is like a switch from dark to light. No scene creates enough thrills to sustain.

Bhumi has a neglible cameo. Ashutosh Rana looks like he is playing Johnny Lever who ensures you have great laughs while on screen with his “om Brylcream chamundaiyay namah”. Here Ghosts screams only to raise the decibels in the auditorium, the only thing scary would be the ticket price you would bear to watch this one.

This plot if would have been made by Bhatt camp, they would have done wonders. Director’s of Dharma Productions need few lessons from Bhatt and Bhansali Productions before any further exploitation of real talent.

PK Verdict: TIN **

PK Verdict

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