#Loveaajkal – Love Forever!!!

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Release Date:
February 14, 2020
Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan, Randeep Hooda, Arushi Sharma, Simone singh
Drama , Romance
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#Loveaajkal – Love Forever!!!

Imtiaz Ali brings us a palpable love story that almost touches our heart yet misses the beat.
Whatever the case may be, his love for love stories evolving over the journey, internal as well as external is commendable.

Zoe and Veer are flavor of the season and so is Raghu; a tried and tested seasoned experience giving you his insights and yet letting you to explore your story yourself, your love yourself. This is where the director succeeds to let you take a dive within your own self to gauge where you stand, what is your story, where you are heading. This magic only Imtiaz Ali can create within you, watching his films. It is after a long time we get to see a love story at the primary level where two characters are deeply involved within each other and yet are not together as they believe there is more to it than what they see at the surface level. The demons are within; what you feed them is important, an instant gratification or a divine connection.

Zoe has a boyfriend that invests in her, only to gain ROI out of it, keeping it pure transactional. Veer is the one who loves and in the weak moment where Zoe asks him to stay he chooses to leave coz he doesn’t want let the weak moment win over the strong love. He demands fullness.

Zoe unlocks her cleavage just before entering the meeting room and what happens next is the conversation that is unpredictable and elevates one’s perception bringing in the fresh perspective, clearing the doubts of the ones claiming to be liberal, including the audience. This is how Imtiaz Ali roots his character, Veer and Zoe stand out, they perform. Imtiaz Ali gives you equally flawed character with perfection, essayed by Raghu whose love story is tangible and he gives in the weak moment bringing the circle of duality. Raghu who left everything for love eventually leaves love for instant gratification missing the divine connection. Randeep Hooda is a story-teller who makes you hop in the past and succeeds to hold your attention tight with his brilliant screen presence. The past and present amalgamation is intriguing and keeps one’s interest high in the narrative.

Love aaj kal misses the beat on its music. Imtiaz Ali films have great music always, this is his weakest when it comes to the music of the film. It does holds the film back be it its background score or be it the tracks. Though tracks go well in the film yet they don’t hold any longevity or depth.


The way Sanjay Leela Bhansali looked repetitive in his last three films. Imtiaz Ali too seems have got into the repetitive mode with this one. The film has scenes and patterns that look an uplift from his previous work. Even the ideation for that matter, Socials is what emerged from Tamasha and here Co-working Café Mazi comes into picture.

Nevertheless, Love Aaj Kal is directors film and you see Imtiaz Ali all over it which is a good thing. Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan perform and reflect their directors vision. Randeep Hooda is cherry on the cake. Arushi Sharma is passable and holds a good screen presence. Love Aaj Kal is deep and raises the bar of vision of how love should be seen for it to stay forever.


PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s



PK Verdict

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