Guilty – Norm of Prejudices!!!

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Release Date:
March 6, 2020
Kiara Advani, Manu Rishi Chadha, Ashrut Jain, Taher Shabbir
Crime , Drama
PK Verdict

Guilty A Netflix Film coming from Karan Johar’s New Dharmatic Productions brings us “Nanki” a problem child as they portray her, has less problem and more Power. Guilty has a plot that will play with you on the prejudices you may have, at times right, at times wrong, what holds your attention is the perspective from where you are looking at and their Storytelling along with powerful Nanki essayed by Kiara Advani.

No Spoilers Ahead!!!

Guilty is an important film to echo the voice that is quite often carpeted time and again with Power; Power of money, Power of Politics but no Power of the Truth. This Power is gender free, you may be at either side of the coin and still walk away with the wrong powers shining bright. That’s where #Metoo comes from, from the powerful side, doing the wrong, hiding the right and making one suffer. The Law of course is blind that cannot see whether guilty or not, but rather relies on tangible evidences that are made up. Nirbhaya Rapists delayed justice is justice denied, this is where India stands. Guilty from Dharmatic Productions is just a small drop of the ocean that raises the right questions in the right times. Kanika Dhillon’s & Ruchi Narian’s screenplay is engaging and captivates you in the narrative with a top-notch performance by Kiara Advani.

The film begins with an interrogation and it travels back and forth to the night of incident. 14th Feb Valentine day, the day of love or lust is where the film penetrates to. With the series of takes from the bunch of friends, lawyers are trying to get to the case where one needs to be set free. Taher Shabbir as lawyer comes with a certain poise that demands attention giving a narrative a much-required perspective. The college heartthrob is accused of rape here, he is Nanki’s boyfriend. Is he victim of sexual advance circumstances or is he the one who did it. This is what Tahir Shabbir helps us find out and on his journey of this truth the writers unveil the layers of so-called problem child, what one such incident can screw one’s entire life. Kiara Advani as Nanki delivers a powerful performance, vulnerable, strong and sensitive.


The first one hour could have been crisp though. Nevertheless, Guilty is a well-made film in its zone and somewhere empowers you to speak nothing but the truth.


Do not miss the end credits, they are creative and superlative.


PK Verdict: Gold****




PK Verdict

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