#WorldFamousLover – Fake proclamation!!!

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Release Date:
February 14, 2020
Vijay Deverakonda, Raashi Khanna, Aishwarya Rajesh, Izabella Leita
Drama , Romance
PK Verdict

#WorldFamousLover – Fake proclamation!!!

Kranthi Madhav’s world-famous lover rides high on Vijay Deverakonda’s popularity but turns out only to be a mediocre film. At the length it is, it is an amalgamation of two stories along with the main story letting it loose with not much intersection. On paper this must have looked wow but on screen it just appears as any other love story.

Vijay Deverakonda, college love story, angry man, seems like getting stereotyped. WFL has the textures of Arjun Reddy and Dear Comrade in it. Vijay though a good actor doesn’t seem to be offered anything interesting off-late to surpass what he already delivered in Arjun Reddy.

Raashi Khanna has little to offer or add any value other than sobbing, Aishwarya Rajesh who plays Suvarna has still a better-etched role and demands attention with the little screen presence in the short story she appears. Izabelle is passable. What holds the film of course is Vijay. A forever aspiring writer who struggles from frame one till the end succeeds at the end with no clue on why he struggled at the very first place. Is it only the pain that can bring the artist out in you? Can one not be in a happy space and write or groom the artist within? Morose execution on display only puts one off those expecting a love story from the world-famous lover, he only gives you a sobbing story. A film starts with tears and ends with tears and no there is no Karan Johar effect here that you too would cry. Director fails to generate any empathy against both the central characters making this love fall and in 2 hours 40-minute length it doesn’t rise for once.

PK Verdict: Tin**

PK Verdict

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