THEATER PLAY Jai Shree Krishna – PK Verdict: Gold****

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Release Date:
April 16, 2018
Play , Theatre Act
PK Verdict

Jai Shree Krishna – A Brilliant Dual Krishna Autobiography!!!

Here comes the play from VastuSankalp Group & Globus Events where you witness the Lord Krishna is two avatars; past and present; helping you convey; there is Lord Krishna is each one of us that drives our subconscious mind; if we tune our energies right; the subconscious mind will help us sail across this sea of life.

Nakul Ghanekar and Ninad Limaye plays the past and present day Krishna engaging you thoroughly in making you walk through the life of Krishna. Nakul the past day Krishna is traditionally attired while Ninad the present day Krishna sports a current day attire and language too. The Play is majorly musical and has various collection of Krishna songs, bhajans some from Bollywood some traditional. The journey of the play is mesmerizing and till interval you are in the peaceful zone. Post interval Krishna enters into the epic Indian war Mahabharata and they bring you visions and learnings from this great pic.

The play written by Vivek Apte is well composed and Nakul and Ninad’s narration keep you hook throughout with their insights of Krishna. Gayatri Apte who enacts Radha bring in the right emotion and so does the other eight wives of Krishna who are introduced with each song layered with their stories of existence in Krishna’s life.

The soul of the play is Sonia Parchure’s choreography as the major part of the play is musical; the magnum that she succeeds to bring on stage live with its artist is commendable. At one go there are 8-10 artists performing who are well tuned and in sync in their act bringing in the wow factor couple of times.

Jai Shree Krishna is a beautiful journey of Krishna that you should not miss.

PK Verdict: Gold****

PK Verdict

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