PARK – A must Visit Park – PK Verdict: Platinum*****

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Release Date:
August 17, 2017
Play , Theatre Act
PK Verdict

Manav Kaul celebrated theater personality, actor and writer. Stellar in each offering brings us a play by the name PARK. Park has the right wit to spark, it has the right message to deliver with sheer humor and performance making you clap more than 10 times in a less than 100 minutes show. That itself speaks for the play.

Shubrajyoti Barat, Sumeet Vyas and Gopal Dutt are the key people and only 3 people at this Park to create a great recreation giving you a dose of great humor and the flavor of eclectic thinking of the writer/director to bring the infinite into the confinement offering you pure entertainment.

The Park is termed as Gandhi Park, one by One each one comes to the park settling themselves for the bench they sit, they seek, they fight for forming the crux of the Park. They Squabble over their benches giving their versions of fundamentals.

The touch the right chord with their says be it political or philosophical.

You can catch up the play today(17th Aug, 2017) at Prithvi Theater Mumbai at 7pm and 9pm

PK Verdict: Platinum*****

PK Verdict

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