Saheb Biwi aur Gangster 3 – Unimpressive – PK Verdict: Tin**

Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster 3 movie review watch trailer of Saheb Biwi aur Gangster 3 – Unimpressive – PK Verdict: Tin** Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
July 27, 2018
Sanjay Dutt, Jimmy Shergill, Mahi Gill and Chitrangada Singh
Crime , Drama , Thriller
PK Verdict

Third in
its instalment Saheb Biwi aur Gangster fails to create the same stir as its
earlier versions. Sanjay Dutt, unapologetically, is glorified from scene one. Well,
nothing wrong in it; but it is little too much to see Dutt doing a romantic
number in the second half slowing down the pace of the film that doesn’t has
much pace and makes you lose interest. Plus, his screen presence doesn’t create
any impact as his character seems to be bullied badly by Kabir Bedi and Deepak
Tijori his on screen father and brother and he seems to be playing a poor scapegoat.
Quite underwhelming for a Gangster to play such victim of silly circumstances.

Shergill as Saheb continues to impress. His character this time though not fine-tuned
yet his screen presence demands attention and his charisma as Saheb is still
alive. Mahie Gill is as good as she can be. Chitrangada Singh shines in her Avtar
but has little to do than shake her booty and do some unimpressive mujra. Soha
Ali Khan doesn’t even need a mention and neither Kabir Bedi nor Deepak Tijori
need a mention too.

All are up to
a mission against Saheb. Biwi wants to kill him. Gangster has no direct
connection or reason to kill him; the build-up for this is not that great.
Sanjay Dutt’s role and his lines at many places comes as a caricature from his
own personality. The in-depth one-liners turn out to be funny and dialogues are
not as deep as they use to be in a Tigmanshu Dulia film.

What they
call the royal saga of deceit, conspiracy, greed and lust indeed becomes a
saga to bear that lacks a great deceit, interesting conspiracy, box office
greed and lusting aged heroines is not going to make this film rake any mullah
at the box-office or any audience interest for that matter.

Saheb, Biwi
aur Gangster doesn’t really leave any Rajwada impact this time.

PK Verdict: Tin **

PK Verdict

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