#Patipatniaurwoh – aur writing – Impeccable!!! PK Verdict: Gold****

watch trailer of #Patipatniaurwoh – aur writing – Impeccable!!! PK Verdict: Gold**** Watch The Trailer
Release Date:
December 6, 2019
Kartik Aaryan, Bhumi Pednekar, Ananya Panday , Aparshakti Khurana
Comedy , Romance
PK Verdict

#Patipatniaurwoh – aur writing – Impeccable!!! PK Verdict: Gold****

A brilliant take on the subject with spectacular crisp writing topped up with witty one-liners and at times more than one liners with impeccable Hindi dialogues along with super fine performances makes #Patipatniaurwoh hilarious throughout and A MUST Watch.

When you have story, screenplay dialogues and direction coming from one person the output can’t go wrong. Mudassar Aziz wearing all these hats delivers a great Entertainment.

Kartik Aryan yet again shines delivering a performance with finesse making you all fall in love with his character #Chintutyagi. His camaraderie with Aparshakti Khurrana is brilliant and apart from patni and woh it is this spice of Fahim in Pati’s life that acts as an aafeem(opium) making you go bonkers laughing out loud. The Khurrana brothers are impeccable. Pati Patni aur woh comes as Aparshakti’s best performance till date. Be it his chemistry with Kartik, dialogue delivery, his mannerisms and the gut to stay true to a friend and be his best support in the crime evolves a great friendship on-screen. Indeed, magic of writing.

Bhumi Pednekar’s craft has grown with each film from Dum laga ke to this one, she rules the roost in each of her film. With back to back releases in last 3 months with stellar performances Bhumi has made commendable presence. Bhumi Pednekar from scene one steals the show and takes command as Vedika Tyagi. Honest and outspoken from the word go; she puts a great life from Vedika to Tripathi. Aspiring all the time to move to the big city, working as a desirable schoolteacher, this angle too is handled with delicacy and Rakesh Yadav character is simply too cool played by shubam kumar. He adds a lot to the plot making it a complete laugh riot.

Ananya Panday supplements well, does her part well with a little quiver and little confidence she does what goes well with her playing a “woh” as Tapasya. Sunny Singh too in a small role leaves you with a good impact.

Pati Patni Aur Woh enters marital infidelity with delicacy and humorously conveying a right message to the audience. Happiness lies in long term relationships and even a small fling can cause you a big dent that could be irreversible. With the young generation of artists and peppy songs, Pati patni aur woh captures the right knack making it relatable to the vulnerable and to strong as well, who can go vulnerable with the “woh” breeze. Though the film is a remake of the 1978 classic with the same title, yet it is the fresh take indeed and impeccable writing that makes Pati Patni aur Woh A Must Watch.

PK Verdict: Gold****

PK Verdict

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