Out of Love –  Lovely!!!

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Release Date:
November 22, 2019
Rasika Dugal, Purab Kohli, Soni Razdan, Harsh Chhaya, Aanjjan Srivaastav, Sanghmitra Hitaishi.
Drama , Romance
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Out of Love –  Lovely!!!

Out of Love is an Indian series based on a BBC Drama “Doctor Foster” by Mike Bartlett adapted by Hotstar, directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Aijaz khan. It is one of the best series coming from their line of work, in a true Tigmanshu Dhulia style. This time he enters into the infidelity zone and how, is to be seen in 5-episode series on Hotstar.

Dr. Meera Kapoor, played by Rasika Duggal, comes as a power to reckon with. She holds your attention to the core, keeping you highly engaged and doing the right thing despite being curled in the wrong ones. In a marriage where she comes as an ideal wife, she pounces right from the word go when infidelity knocks. The way she acts and the attention she demands is the way the plot unravels the traits of her personality and how far one can go to make things work and despite failures how one can emerge as a winner in the relationships you thought to be perfect is where Out of Love wins you over. Purab Kohli is just. Just the way his character is, not that he doesn’t love his wife, just that he falls for love often with younger women, a personality trait he is into, involuntarily of course. Love often just happens. But this doesn’t justify his unfaithfulness, his performance is spell-bound and brings the right distaste for the character he plays Akarsh Kapoor.

Rasika Duggal succeeds to consume you into the whirl of emotions her character goes into, at times confident, at times denial, suicidal, mysterious and whatnot. The curiosity the makers put us in, is highly engaging giving us a nail-biting experience in the drama that unfolds episode after episode making you do a binge-watch.

What also makes this series a must-watch is the location, set in Coonoor, a hill-station in Tamil Nadu, the moving clouds and the greenery comes as quite soothing in this rough drama of emotions. The location gives you a healing effect and adds a lot to the narrative immersing you deeply in the beauty of Nilgiri mountains; a great virtual visit in the times of lockdown.

The supporting cast has Soni Razdan, Harsh Chhaya, Anjan Srivastav and Sanghmitra Hitaishi who add great value to the watch.

The series is a good entanglement of relationships life brings in, be it your neighbors, your colleagues, your friends, your Spouse. This one has it all and everything one does is just “Out of Love”.

A Must Watch.

PK Verdict: Gold****




PK Verdict

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