#LAXMII – Everything Bombed!!! PK Verdict: SuperTin

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Release Date:
November 9, 2020
Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, Raghav Lawrence
Comedy , Horror
PK Verdict

LAXMII – Everything Bombed!!!

Failure of Star Power is here. Akshay Kumar too is falling prey to his stardom overlooking the content.In spite of a remake of a successful south film the content here is over cooked.#Laxmii is Stale. After #Housefu ll4 this is another Shit film delivered by Akshay Kumar alone this time.

Raghava Lawrence the director has failed to raise the bar of the remake, making it look a film from the seventies horror. Those films were unintentionally comical and now, in spite of calling it intentionally a horror comedy the film is neither horror nor comedy. Such a Dullarious Film than Hilarious. Laxmii is outdated. The only person to be praised in his performance is Sharad Kelkar as Laxmii but alas, his performance alone will not save you from this torture. Akshay Kumar over does it again, doesn’t brings anything new on the platter even though playing transgender character for the first time, the film lacks story-telling, it lacks screenplay, it lacks organic comedy and the forced ones fall real bad. Such a pathetic writing it is, a kid nearly 7-8 years old questions a pregnant lady on the face “Ye MOTI kyun hai” Kids these days are way smarter than what they have portrayed. Who talks like that? This writing is a big let-down and at the very beginning gives you a nuance of what shit you are lined up for. Gone are the days when STAR value gave the mileage, it is only the content that roars and it is high time our stereotype A listers get this right.

Laxmii is more of a pathetic revenge drama than a horror comedy. The revenge plot too opens up too late in the film for it to develop any interest. The cast outside the house is terrible and doesn’t add any value to the film that has no story. It is only Sharad Kelkar you are happy to watch but eventually it is a pure waste. Don’t know what sense it prevailed when Laxmii is shown applying turmeric, that each and every family member has to peep in, making it such a long dull moment. Ashwini Kalsekar is over the top and maar daala scene is horrendous. Kiara Advani is wasted too, what a delight she has been otherwise in Kabir Singh, Guilty, Good News wonder what made her sign, probably just being opposite the A lister. Laxmii will not do any good to her filmography.

Well, indeed Laxmii will not do any good to anyone’s filmography. This Diwali stay away from this #Laxmii. The OTTs have lot to offer to choose that adds value to your entertainment.

PK Verdict: Super Tin*

P.S. Review is purely on the Merit of the Film.





PK Verdict

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