JAWAN – Better than Pathaan and that’s it!!!

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Release Date:
September 7, 2023
Shahrukh Khan, Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Deepika Padukone, Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, Riddhi Dogra
Action , Drama , Entertainment
PK Verdict

JAWAN – Better than Pathaan and that’s it!!!

Pathan was a no brainer; Jawan is much better. SRK shines and how!!! Atlee the film director serves you the Superstar on the Platter. Multiple avatars, looks, swags donned by SRK are brilliant, so much, so even the Bald look is gonna be the new statement. It is the electrifying energy of SRK that Jawan stays truly Jawan in the otherwise dull plot.

The ensemble cast does a good justice to their parts. However, Vijay Sethupathi’s character needed more depth and dialogues. A strong villain can alone give rise to the Hero, it is the charisma of SRK that works out despite the weakly written villain role. He is cut above the rest. Deepika Padukone has a special appearance that could have been stellar – their mediocre song doesn’t really connect much, and other songs too are hiccups to the plot. All the songs are mediocre so are the sub-plots some of them strike the right chord some are just passing minutes in this long film. Background score and action set pieces are done well. Humor lands only a few places making Jawan a dull affair, the wit in the trailer felt more than in the film. The film does bores you with some of the sub-plots checking the boxes of social elements, only at surface level and hence they become the passing minutes. None of them stays with you other than the monologue SRK brings in, breaking the fourth wall.

Jawan wastes no time; from frame one itself it makes you dive into the world of SRK. The introductory scene of SRK is one the best scenes one would witness in the recent times – simply Heroic and the Heroines walks in with an entourage over a phone call. It was only Yash Chopra who presented Heroines with Panache. You know what matters? Don’t you – SRK and they deliver your SRK. The entire girl gang goes missing in the last action set piece as the focus was on just the Hero and the Villain. They do bring the house down with the dialogues that has more sub-text to the real than the reel life succeeding to connect at higher level. It is simply the magic of SRK that works, you get two at the price of one. Each one delivering the swag worth crores, giving you grey goals.

Special mention of Kaveri Ma – reminding you of the film Swades. Wish we could have seen her than Riddhi Dogra who is two decades younger than the King Khan playing Mom to SRK. Anything for Shahrukh Khan syndrome. The man is indeed cut above the rest.

This is the cinema Bollywood was missing going urban and now the wheel of time spins back and we have the full-on Masala entertainers raining mullahs at the box office. Happy to see Bollywood getting back on track with its box office racing towards each crore crossing each record. Atlee from south succeeds to showcase what matters and what not. SRK is a dream plug-in for the good content packagers knowing how he is to be presented.

Jawan wouldn’t have been Jawan without Shahrukh Khan and forever Jawan is Sharukh Khan.

PK Verdict: Silver Plus 3.5*s

PK Verdict
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