Tejas –Brave and Boring!!! PK Verdict: Tin**

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Release Date:
October 27, 2023
Kangana Ranaut, Varun Mitra, Kashyap Harsha, Ashish Vidyarthi
Action , Biopic , Drama , True Incidents
PK Verdict

Tejas –Brave and Boring!!!

Tejas though comes Brave yet it is Boring. The Director Sarvesh Mewara disappoints braving and counting on the only cast Kangana Ranaut to rule the roost which she does but what is delivered here is too mediocre, for that matter even her act in one of the scenes where we are taken 18years back. An Air Force student who blinks more but convinces less; probably first time when we see K delivering a weaker performance. The makers believe in the philosophy “when in doubt; think about the nation”. Riding high on the pulse of the audience with the success of Gadar, Pathan or Jawan. Tejas is a slow and low flying vehicle, with a fate that will only crash at the box office. Kangana Ranaut is celebrated in the wholesome entertainers she has delivered before coming from the great film-makers. She is being wasted with such promising opportunities but failed deliveries. Her craft though top-notched her script choices are definitely not working in her favour.

The film direction that introduces Kangana in couple of slow-mo shots with the background score to bring the impact fails to elevate; than be it the introduction scene or the interval junction. The film’s non-linear approach isn’t interesting and keeps juggling you in the past and the present without defining the present day much leaving you at guess work to where you are. Though based on real life incidents, it never gets to the crux of Tejas Gill’s journey. First half is filled with songs that slow down Tejas to quite an extent for one to lose interest. Second half is where the action lies but too mediocre to enjoy. Last 30 minutes they give you the experience you were expecting the movie to be. Yet the wait not worth and neither the execution. Poor VFX makes everything look low grade.

The film looks like a college project to be accomplished with Grade A. But for the film to be rated high it needed more adrenaline than just the pulse of relying on the Indo-Pak equation or K’s love for the country. Kangana never fails to express her love for the country only wish the film had a better execution of this sentiment  than just the liberty of the medium. Indeed an missed opportunity.

They call the film an Air combat film; unfortunately, crashes and never reaches there.

PK Verdict: Tin**

PK Verdict
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