#BatlaHouse – Boredom at Par!!! PK Verdict: Tin**

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Release Date:
August 15, 2019
John Abraham, Mrunal Thakur, Nikkhil Advani
Action , True Incidents
PK Verdict

Right content wrong director. Poor writing results lost in translation. Though the film is inspired by True Events it doesn’t become progressive at all; gets lost in the loop and the court room drama that could have been intriguing engaging you at par; it mere becomes a mere narration through the eyes of the story teller making it way too simple and boring.

John Abraham’s last outing #RAW is far better than this Boring thriller. A thriller is not a thriller if it doesn’t thrills you . You simply sail through these 146 minutes of boredom because the film is based on real life events and you would want to complete since you started. Nothing else, neither the preformances impress nor the support cast. Plus bad remixes regressive bellies only boil you to the core. This is not what you would like to watch in films that are inspired by True Events.
The film but just lacks on direction, it lacks on back ground score, editing, casting, If you look at the Judge in the court; you would know it all. But you need not go there.
The only plus points of the film are John Abraham and Manish Choudhary. Rajesh Sharma doesn’t impress this time as his role is not sketched well just caricatured. Ravi kishen a waste opportunity. And there was far better scope of casting.

“Kya yeh Encounter Farzi Tha? – Nahi!! (everybody knows)
Aur Film – Shayad Haan!! (Audience would)

After watching Batla House one thing I echo is “We miss you Ram Gopal Varma”
PK Verdict: Tin**

PK Verdict

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