AIB – Kangana Kangana All the way!!! PK Verdict: Platinum*****

Before anything WATCH!!!

AIB’s new video or Kangana’s act that you would never witness her as Priya on Big Screen. “Kuch Toh Alag Hai” – “Ye puri hi alag hai”.  More power to her. She is indeed changing face of Indian Cinema. The lyrics are not just hilarious they are indeed thought provoking. “Iss buddhey ke sang sang…buzurg hai mera piya ….Romancing my bitya while I sell tikiya”. Gehu k saath gun b piss gaya…..great nepotism take on Kjo has rolled in SRK too with Harry met Sejal almost not having any script. Kangana puts him on the ticking time bomb and only her director can come as a savior to SRK’s next directed by Anand Rai coz he will have a script.

Kangana is playing The Real Dirty Picture beautifully, the interval scene dialogue of the Dirty Picture where the journalist Anju Mahendru warns Silk to not bother about the world and move on partly comes as so true. It perfectly fits, not Silk’s context but the attitude; Kangana rocks. Ahead of her film Simran she has already being entertaining, entertaining and entertaining.

You are powerful when you have nothing to lose; she is indeed at this junction where nothing bothers her. Aaj Bagawat kal Azaadi.

Witness the scene below:

Where people shy away from answering she is echoing each time she is questioned.

#AIB though is tagged as Bakchod this time they pass on the strong underlined message on Bollywood.

Kangana Take a Bow!!!

PK Verdict: Platinum*****

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