India’s Daughter – Embarrassed Government calls for BAN!!!

Nirbhaya Haunts back as real JYOTI this time. BBC Four brings her back as India’s Daughter highlighting what Change India needs. Embarrassed Government rather than thanking BBC for encapsulating the facts well and jogging people’s memory to fight back is trying to enforce a ban by having Home Minister calling BBC to stop the broadcasting.

Attended the #Elevate2015 conclave yesterday where one of the agenda was w.r.t the censorship apart from the women liberation. Mahesh Bhatt opened up the Panel Discussion stating his wife Soni wanted to watch the documentary India’s Daughter and Mahesh Bhatt responded stating it’s BANNED by the government and one shouldn’t be watching. Soni said well she chooses to watch. This is exactly what government needs to learn to give a choice in the so called democratic country. They talk about being free where creativity is being restricted but people are free to rape. Where they ban the CUSS words in the movie but government can’t hold people by practicing them in the real world.

Where someone chose to be Roasted they have a problem with them but someone who chooses to be secured they can’t secure them enough. Hypocrisy at its best. Amit Khanna stated as he was writing an article on the same – Home Minister called up BBC asking them to stop the broadcast of the documentary “India’s Daughter” and he was asked to SHUT UP. Well Done BBC!!!

Not many would be happy watching this documentary on the link below as the facts encapsulated will bring a shiver down your spine with what you would see yet I feel it’s a must watch for all to make this viral again and dipstick the government’s measure to see how far they have been able to control these crimes. This would spark the faded revolution back to secure more and more women.

By Government putting a ban on Indias Daughter is a pure sign of weakness and it’s obvious the litmus test failed. They feel embarrass as today also more or less the situation remains the same. Be it Delhi, Mumbai or any part of the country. We still hear RAPE – as per the documentary every 20 minutes there is a RAPE in India. Government is SHAMEFUL of this fact and hence the BAN. Plus there are several facts which you would come across, several viewpoints you will hear in the video from the Defense lawyers, psychiatrists, accused which will provoke may provoke the revolution again but to the failed government.

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