#TikuWedsSheru – Boring Regressive Retarded!!!

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Release Date:
June 23, 2023
Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Avneet Kaur
Amazon Prime
Comedy , Drama
PK Verdict

#tikuwedssheru – A wedding you wouldn’t want to attend.

Boring Regressive and Retarded writing is all what you get served in this wedding.

We have seen Hero becoming an actor. Here an actor becomes a Hero with no charm and the debutant Avneet Kaur is a thorough mismatch with the Hero. Indeed Matchmaking is a tough job.

Coming from  the production led by an actor who is a stellar performer; and an OTT Platform that delivers content driven material unfortunately disappoints. Using their music tracks in the background from the classic Bandish Bandits is quite disappointing, so much so that the ringing tune on the phone also comes from the Bandish Bandit sound track. Annoying.

I’m glad that this film was not by the producer herself Kangana Ranaut supposed to be made with Irfan Khan and her. Though it would have been different if not bad. This one is a passable wedding for sure.


PK Verdict: Tin**

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